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Sunday, February 23, 2014

MARCH MADNESS...Classic Movie Actress Style gears up again

*This cool photoset comes courtesy of darlinghepburn at Tumblr

The 4th Annual Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney returns next weekend and the 132 field of competing actress across four decades is wide open. The previous three champions: Irene Dunne, Ginger Rogers and Carole Lombard are ineligible to compete so we will definitely have another new winner. The top 4 seeds heading into this year's tourney are Barbara Stanwyck (30's era); Bette Davis (40's era); Doris Day (50's era) and Diana Rigg (60's era) based on their finish in last year's tourney. Bette Davis is the overall top seed since she made it to the final match against Carole Lombard. But Stanwyck is in a much more coveted spot, as all three previous winners have come from the 30's era. This should be another fun tourney with so many compelling stories. I'm sure that two time Final Four finalists Natalie Wood and Grace Kelly look to erase their early exits from last year while Audrey Hepburn looks to go a few rounds further after she had so many early dominating victories and still holds the only shut-out match in tourney history (thanks to a 55 point drubbing of Pier Angeli). My friends Desiree, John and Kristen will once again help with the festivities as I will  host the 60's era here on All Good Things, while Desiree holds center court with the 30's era, Kristen will duties for the 40's era while John will handle the 50's era. The fun begins Sunday, March 2nd with 64 matches taking place in the first round. I will post more information and brackets showcasing the matches over the next few days. GAME ON!

The top 4 tourney seeds!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Greta Garbo defeats Louise Brooks 100-82 to win The Favorite Silent Actress Tourney

When it was all said and done, it was Greta Garbo standing tall winning The Favorite Silent Actress Tourney by defeating the feisty Louise Brooks by the count of 100-82. This was the most voted on match of the entire tourney with the leads changing hands several times. In fact Louise had a 10 vote lead just two days ago before Greta made a furious rally to take home the crown. I want to thank my good friend Catherine, of Plucked from Obscurity who co-hosted this tourney with me. In fact it was her idea that we do this, and what a wonderful idea it was. Thanks to all those that took the time to vote and then spread the word through-out the classic movie lovers landscape. Next year me and Catherine will host a tourney dedicated to the silent actors of yesteryear, which should be awesome too. And don't forget about the 4th Annual Favorite Classic Movie Actress that features 132 actresses over four eras competing for the title. More info to follow as that tourney starts Sunday, March 2nd.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Greta Garbo and Louise Brooks in the match to determine favorite silent actress is underway

Catherine has got the final match in the favorite silent actress tourney underway. Greta Garbo against Louise Brooks. Winner gets the crown. Here's the link to go cast your vote

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It will be Greta Garbo and Louise Brooks for the crown of Favorite Silent Actress

In the semi-final matches, it was Louise Brooks crushing Clara Bow 30-18 and Greta Garbo doubling up over Norma Shearer 16-8. Setting up a championship match between Louise and Greta to decide the favorite silent actress. Catherine will host that epic match beginning on Sunday. Here's the link to her page to go vote when the time comes:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Just a word about the second match

Just a quick post to let everyone know that Catherine has started the other match of our final four for favorite silent actress between Norma Shearer and Greta Garbo. Here's the link to go cast your vote for your fave:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

THE FINAL FOUR for the Favorite Silent Actress Tourney begins now

Four legendary silent actresses have made it to the final four of the Favorite Silent Actress Tourney. Clara Bow. Louise Brooks. Norma Shearer and Greta Garbo. Two matches over two blogs. The match between Clara and Louise will take place here while my friend Catherine hosts the match between Greta and Norma. The poll is on the right hand side bar. Matches will run through Thursday to decide who will compete in the final match to decide the favorite silent actress. Here's the link to Catherine's blog to go vote on that match which will be up later on
Good luck to these four wonderful women!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A dream Final Four to take place this weekend in The Favorite Silent Actress Tourney

We started with 32 top actresses of the silent era and have made our way to the final four. And it's a dream final four. Greta Garbo. Norma Shearer. Clara Bow. Louise Brooks. You couldn't ask for a better finale. Greta outlasted Janet Gaynor 11-6. Norma Shearer edged out Gloria Swanson 10-7. Louise Brooks defeated Bebe Daniels 21-7. And Clara Bow handled top seed and perennial favorite Mary Pickford 21-8. So now as we head into this weekend the two semi-final matches set up like this. Clara Bow will take on Louise Brooks here on All Good Things while Greta and Norma will duke it out on Catherine's blog, Plucked From Obscurity. Matches begin Saturday nights and run through Thursday evening. Here's the link to Catherine's blog:

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Round 3 of the Favorite Silent Actress Tourney begins now...

Here we go with round 3 of the favorite silent actress tourney. 4 matches with 8 remaining women. And it looks to be some top tier matches for sure. I'll start my two matches here on All Good Things now and Catherine will start her two matches tomorrow morning. Here's the link to her blog:









And then over at Catherine's blog, these two matches









Matches will run through Thursday evening. Good luck to all the women who
have made it this far!


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