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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The 2016 Lombard Cup

Hello everyone, it's autumn, which means another Lombard Cup. Usually it's me against my friend Kristen with our chosen stars competing against each other.  But this year it's different. I have enlisted 11 friends and they have each chosen one of their favorite actresses and will be competing in several categories over the course of the next three weeks. I too am playing which makes it 12 actresses total. The fun begins Sunday morning as I will have the selection process done on Saturday to see which friend will be competing against another with their chosen stars. The rules are still the same, you get a point for each match won, and 1/2 point for a tie. Whoever accumulates the most points at the end will be the 2016 Lombard Cup champion, as presented by our lovely host Carole. And Carole will not be participating as he is the hostess so I have chosen another favorite leading lady of mine.  In fact here are all the 12 stars competing as the people who chose them.

Rosalind Russell - Desiree
Bette Davis - Katrina
Myrna Loy - Josh
Loretta Young - Tracy
Natalie Wood - Starla
Shelley Winters - Kimba
Irene Dunne - Josie
Agnes Moorehead - Mari
Ingrid Bergman - Gillian
Audrey Hepburn - Virginie
Katharine Hepburn - Jessica 
Elizabeth Taylor - Monty

The categories they will be competing in are: Top 5 Favorite Films, Top 5 Favorite Performances or Roles, Most Stylish, and maybe another one. Haven't decided yet.
There will be 6 matches every three days for the next three weeks or so. Gonna be so much fun!


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