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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Round 2 of the Favorite Classic Movie Actor tourney is now underway

Well here we go with round 2. Now is when the fun really begins as the matches get tighter. These first set of matches for this round will run through Wednesday afternoon. Then later on that evening the final set of matches will begin. Once again I will handle the 40's and 60's eras while my good friend John handles the 30's and 50's eras. Click on this link to go to his blog to vote on his matches:  mythicalmonkey

40'S ERA

60'S ERA

Friday, June 17, 2016

2nd Annual Favorite Classic Movie Actor Tourney is now underway

It's been 3 years since the inaugural Favorite Classic Movie Tourney took place with Cary Grant winning the whole thing. Well here we go with a second tourney, and no Cary since he already won he is ineligible to compete from here on. So now it's wide open and anyone can win. Here are the first set of matches in the 40's and 60's era, which I will handle here and my friend John Parker of Mythical Monkey will handle the 30's and 50's eras. Here's the link to his amazing blog:  mythicalmonkey 

1940's Era Set One Matches

1960's Era Set One Matches

Monday, June 13, 2016

Cary Grant sends his well wishes to everyone in the upcoming actor tournament

Cary Grant, who won the inaugural Favorite Classic Movie Actor tourney back in 2013, sends well wishes to the 64 actors who will be competing in this year's tourney. Since Cary won the first one, he is ineligible to compete in future tourneys. The fun begins this Sunday, Father's Day as me and my good friend John of Mythical Monkey will be hosting this event that will run through the first week of August. I'll handle the 40's and 60's eras while John will take care of the 30's and 50's eras. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The 2nd Annual Favorite Classic Movie Actor Tourney

After the recent successes of my Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney, some readers were curious as to when I would be doing another tourney spotlighting the men. Back in 2013 Cary Grant won the inaugural mens tourney which was a no-brainer but now he is ineligible to compete this time around, which means it is wide open. My friend John of Mythical Monkey has graciously volunteered to help me with this event which will begin appropriately enough on Sunday June 19th (Father's Day).  It will be 64 actors from 4 decades competing with the top 4 seeds being:
30's era - William Powell
40's era - Humphrey Bogart
50's era - William Holden
60's era - Paul Newman
Those four rankings were based on their finishes in the first tourney. 
John will handle the 30's and 50's eras while I will take care of the 40's and 60's era.
Please join us for another grand time and may the best man win..

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

We have co-champions for the very first time...Greer Garson and Doris Day

Well I recently had to restart the final match in this year's favorite classic movie actress tourney due to the poll being compromised in what looked like in favor of Doris Day. Well now the same thing has happened again as one of my best and very trustworthy friends told me the poll is allowing her to just vote as many times as she wants and that should not be the case. I set it up as one vote per person per device. So with Greer Garson achieving so many votes in a short period of time, the only fair and just thing to do is declare them both co-champions, which marks the first time that has ever happened. It appears that it was a technical glitch that swung both ways.  I still think this was a marvelous tourney this year despite this unfortunate event happening. I like to thank all the fans that voted and the ones that alerted me of voting issues. And thanks again to John of mythical monkey and Virginie of the wonderful world of cinema in helping me putting on this year's tourney. And congratulations to both Doris Day and Greer  Garson for being this year's co-champions.  Until next year, keep the classics alive!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Poll tampering for the final match

I've seen this many times before when the tallies in a match started zooming up ridiculously fast over a short period of time. Doris Day just registered over 30 votes in less than 5 minutes, which even with word spreading fast that seems highly irregular. So I have no choice but to restart the match. It only takes one person to ruin the fun and excitement of everyone else. So the first poll is now deleted and the new poll is set up below. It will run through Thursday evening as planned. Sorry to all those were honest about voting the right way. 

It's Greer Garson vs Doris Day for all the marbles....

It's been another great tourney and now we have arrived at the final match. 40's era champion Greer Garson vs 50's era champion Doris Day. Some important milestones for both ladies have been achieved this tourney so I wanted to give everyone the stats and achievements that were accomplished. First Greer set a new record for most votes achieved during the first 6 matches with a whopping 1516 votes, shattering the previous mark set by Natalie Wood last year of 1093 votes. And let's not forget about her record setting match with Rosalind Russell which yielded the most votes on any match in tourney history with 1058 votes. Greer also joins the group of women to have competed in back to back final fours. She joins Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Myrna Loy, Bette Davis and Natalie Wood. But Bette Davis is still the only woman to appear in back to back championship matches. Go Bette! Meanwhile Doris Day achieved some memorable stats as well. She currently has 24 wins in tourney play, second only to Grace Kelly's 25 and if she wins, Doris will tie Grace in that distinction. And Doris joins the list of actresses to compete in multiple final fours along with Myrna Loy, Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood, Bette Davis, Greer Garson, and Audrey Hepburn. Ok here are the numbers that Greer and Doris achieved in this year's tourney

Tourney record: 11-5
Number of Final Fours: 2
How she got here:
defeated Esther Williams 74-17
defeated Rita Hayworth 125-34
defeated Katharine Hepburn 362-173
defeated Olivia de Havilland 196-128
defeated Rosalind Russell 601-457
defeated Julie Andrews 158-101
total votes accumulated so far: 1516
What's at stake for her: This marks Greer second consecutive final four appearance and now her first championship match. That proved to be the winning formula for Natalie Wood's win last year, will it work for Greer as well?

Tourney record: 24-5
Number of Final Fours: 2
How she got here:
defeated Jane Powell 74-13
defeated Marilyn Monroe 79-36
defeated Debbie Reynolds 65-27
defeated Thelma Ritter 52-37
defeated Deborah Kerr 194-63
defeated Myrna Loy 169-139
total votes accumulated so far: 633
What's at stake for her: This marks Doris first championship match after reaching two Final Fours. If she wins, she would represent the first actress from the 50's era to win. All previous winners have come from the 30's era (three times), the 40's era (once) and the 60's era (once)

The championship match poll can now be voted on and the match will run through Thursday evening at 6pm. Good luck to both women!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Greer Garson to meet Doris Day in the championship match

Both semi-final matches in the 6th Annual Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney started and finished a different way, but the results were pretty much the same. In match one Doris Day jumped out big over Myrna Loy and cruised to a big lead of  nearly 55 votes at one point. But scrappy Myrna fought back today and got within 30 votes before finally losing 169-139. Meanwhile over in the second match, Greer Garson and Julie Andrews had a tight one for the most part, only separated by 15 votes for the most part until Greer finally started pulling away on Wednesday. The result, Greer 158-101 over Julie. So now the stage is set for the championship match between Greer Garson and Doris Day. This will be the first such match for both ladies and one will win the crown as Favorite Classic Movie Actress of 2016. I will write up a pre-match post tomorrow then start the match on Sunday morning. Should be an epic match as both women fanbases have came out strong this year!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Final Four is now underway...

Ladies and gentlemen this year's Final Four in the Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney is now underway. These two matches will run through Friday evening with the winners going on to the championship match on Saturday. Here are the four women who made it to the big dance.
Myrna Loy and Greer Garson are back for their 2nd consecutive Final Four. The only other actresses do that are Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood, and Audrey Hepburn.

Doris Day 23 tourney wins are the second most in tourney history. Only Grace Kelly has won more matches with 25.

After having bad tourney history in the first 4 tourneys, Greer Garson and Julie Andrews seem to have righted the ship. Greer was winless in her first 4 tourneys and Julie was 2-2. But since then the pair have both gone 10-5, which sets up for an intriguing match.

Greer Garson and Myrna Loy have something in common: they both lost to eventual winner Natalie Wood in last year's final four. Loy lost 323-173 while Greer lost 543-318. Natalie's fans were out in force that year.

Greer Garson is currently in 2nd place in tourney history with 1358 votes. She sits behind Natalie Wood's all-time high of 1416 votes but it looks like Greer is going to shatter that mark easily!

Greer, Myrna and Doris are all repeat final four finalists, while this marks Julie Andrews first final four appearance.

Tourney record: 21-5
Number of final fours: 2
Tourney record: 23-5
Number of final fours: 2

Tourney Record: 10-5
Number of final fours: 2
Tourney Record: 10-5
Number of Final Fours: 1

We have our Final Four in this year's Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney

Well only one match is officially over but the other three matches are pretty much done too
as the leads are insurmountable in the 2 hours left. First that epic match in the 40's era
bracket came to a close with Greer Garson pulling away from Rosalind Russell 601-457. Both actresses fanbases came out big time in support of their ladies through blogland, facebook, twitter, etc. This means Greer will be in consecutive final fours after going winless in the first
four tourneys she competed in. Talk about turnaround. She joins Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Bette Davis and Natalie Wood in that distinction. 

Oh wait add Myrna Loy to that list as well. Myrna is rolling over Margaret Lockwood in the 30's era bracket by the count of 152-33. Meanwhile in the 50's era looks like Doris Day will be making her 2nd final four appearance after throttling Deborah Kerr 194-63. And finally in the 60's era, looks like Julie Andrews will be going to the big dance for the very first time after her dominating win over Shirley MacLaine 113-60. So to break it down for you Greer and Myrna are two of the four pre-tourney top seeds to make it to the final four. Doris Day returns to the final four for the second time while this will  be Julie's first time. I will have the final four matches taking place here on my blog starting tomorrow. And I will do a complete post about their records and stats tonight.



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