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Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Madness (Classic Movie Actress Style) is underway for 2015

The 2015 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney is now underway. Well the 1940's portion of it is. My other three friends will have the other respective eras up and running soon. To vote here just go to the right sidebar and cast your votes for your faves in two of the four brackets shown. The remaining two brackets, Box Office Queens and European Lovelies will begin on Wednesday evening. And here are the links to go vote once the other eras are up and running as well:

Matches will run through Wednesday afternoon and it's one vote per match. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The 2015 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney starts tomorrow....

Wow here we go...with another favorite classic movie actress tourney! It's the fifth one I've had the honor of hosting. And this one seems filled with so many actresses who could potentially be crowned champion. Here's a little primer to get everyone up to speed.

First, the four previous tourney winners: Irene Dunne, Ginger Rogers, Carole Lombard and Bette Davis are all ineligible to compete, so they can just sit back and enjoy.

The top 4 seeds this year based on their performances last year are:
Barbara Stanywck (30's era) and overall top seed since she made it to
the final match only to lose to Bette Davis
Olivia de Havilland (40's era) made it to the 40's era final match only
to lose to Bette Davis...see a pattern
Audrey Hepburn (50's era)
Elizabeth Taylor (60's era)

The actress with the most tourney wins without actually winning a tourney is Grace
Kelly with 20 wins. She looks to end that streak

One of the most high profile first round matches will be in the 40's era bracket of 
European Lovelies between 3rd seed Joan Fontaine and 6th seed Greer Garson.

Lee Remick has competed in the 60's era portion of the previous two tourneys but
this year will contend in the 50's era

Some intriguing matches involving film co-stars include West Side Story's Natalie Wood
and Rita Moreno facing off in the 60's era while a 40's era match-up between Rosalind 
Russell and Paulette Goddard will recall memories of their clash in The Women.

The fun begins tomorrow as I will have 8 matches from the 40's era up and running
and have links to the other three blogs my friends Desiree, John and Virginie are
doing the other eras on.

And great news as the opening ceremony song will be done by the fabulous Adele!
Oh yeah this is gonna be awesome!

Monday, February 23, 2015

The 5th Annual Classic Movie Actress Tourney: 40's era brackets(SONG AND DANCE)

Here are the matches taking place in the 40's Song and Dance bracket. They will begin in conjunction with the Femme Fatales bracket which I listed in a separate post. Matches begin Sunday, March 1st and I will have the polls where you can vote on the right sidebar.


The 5th Annual Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney: 40's Era Brackets (FEMME FATALES)

Well it's that time again as the annual Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney is set to begin Sunday, March 1st. Once again the four eras of the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's will feature 128 classic movie actresses that will be competing in tourney play to see who will wear the crown as favorite classic movie actress of 2015. See who will join the elite company of previous winners Irene Dunne, Ginger Rogers, Carole Lombard and Bette Davis. Once again I have help with putting on this tourney. I will be taking care of the 40's era here. Desiree will handle the 50's. John of Mythical Monkey will handle the 60's era and please welcome Virginie to the team as she will take care of the 30's era. I will provide links to their respective blogs so everyone will be able to cast votes for their favorite actresses. And I will provide updates to all the matches going on right here at my blog. And I wanted to post what matches will be taking place here on All Good Things beginning on Sunday. I will break it down into the usual four categories, one post at a time. 


Friday, January 23, 2015

All-Time Top Winning Tourney Actresses

As we approach another favorite classic movie actress tourney, I thought it would be a great time to list the all time top winning actresses. I did a list last year featuring the top five but I have expanded it to the top 12. So here we go:

12.) MYRNA LOY (10-4) - Myrna has been a consistent performer in the tourney and usually goes quite far in the 30's era bracket in which she competes in. She is a very popular actress so don't be surprised if she makes a strong run in this upcoming tourney.

11.) ELIZABETH TAYLOR (10-4) - While Liz only did so-so in the previous three tourneys when she competed in the 50's era with a 4-3 record, she did much better once she transferred to the 60's era last year with a great 6-1 record and reaching the final four. So look out everyone here comes Liz!

10.) INGRID BERGMAN (10-3) - The Swedish actress has amassed 10 solid wins and this despite not playing in the inaugural tourney back in 2011. She competes in the 40's era bracket and does really well. And now that Bette Davis, who won last year is out of the picture, look for another strong run by Ingrid.

9.) JUDY GARLAND (11-3) - Another 40's era competitor who also missed the first tourney, Judy has done amazingly well with 11 wins so far. Can the singer/dancer/actress add another hyphenate to her already impressive resume.

8.) BARBARA STANWYCK (12-4) - The overall top seed for this year's tourney due to her runner-up finish last year, Missy is the favorite to win it all this year. Competing in the 30's era, she is a cinch to make it to at least the sweet sixteen round.

7.) AUDREY HEPBURN (13-5) - Audrey finally got over the hump of beating her 50's era nemesis Grace Kelly last year to make her first final four appearance. Audrey had lost to Grace twice before but not last year and is poised to make another strong run this year.

6.) DORIS DAY (14-4) - The ever popular Doris has been a feisty competitor in the tourneys, even reaching the final four back in 2013. She competes in the 50's era so expect her to mix it up with Grace and Audrey once again for that final spot.

5.) NATALIE WOOD (16-5) - Two- time final four finalist, Natalie has pretty much dominated the 60’s era portion of the tourneys, with the exception of 2013's early exit in the sweet sixteen round. But her 16 wins proves that she is definitely a contender and one of the most loved actresses competing.

4.) GRETA GARBO (16-4, winner of the 2014 Favorite Silent Actress Tourney) Recently crowned Favorite Silent Actress thanks to her solid performance in that year’s earlier tourney, Greta has established herself as a proven force. Now she seeks to add another crown to her collection.

3.) CAROLE LOMBARD ( (16-3, winner 2013 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney) I was so happy my beloved Carole finally broke through and won a tourney. She had come so close in the two previous tourneys only to lose to Irene Dunne and Ginger Rogers in the 30’s era finals, but would not be denied a 3rd time. It was a long time coming.

2.) BETTE DAVIS (18-3, winner 2014 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney) Bette has been in the mix in all three previous tourneys, reaching the final four in 2013 only to lose to my girl Carole. But she would not be denied a second time as she won the crown last year, posting her 18th win.

1.)    GRACE KELLY (20-4, winner 2012 Favorite Alfred Hitchcock Leading Lady) And the all-time most winning actress in tourney history is none other than Princess Grace. Two-time final four finalist that has owned the 50’s era bracket with the exception of 2013’s early exit during the sweet sixteen round. Grace did manage to win another tourney though…Favorite Alfred Hitchcock Leading Lady, quite easily might I add.

There you have it, the top 12 actresses who are the most successful in tourney history. I will also mention IRENE DUNNE (7-1, 2011 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney) and GINGER ROGERS (8-1, 2012 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney). After winning the earlier tourneys, they are ineligible to compete in future tourneys, and since they won so soon, they didn't get to rack up the wins like every one else. But they have the distinction of each having only 1 loss. No other actresses can say that! 

Please join me on Sunday, March 1st for the start of the 2015 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tournament to see who will become the 5th champion actress!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Another promo for The 2015 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tournament

The 5th Annual Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tournament is gearing up to start on Sunday March 1st and it promises to be wide open. A complete list of all 128 competing actresses will be posted soon but here is a little collage of at least 12 women that will be in the mix, vying to win the crown!

Monday, January 5, 2015

The 5th Annual Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tournament

Brace yourselves....everyone's favorite tourney is set to return in March. No, not the NCAA's basketball tourney aka March Madness, but the favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney. Now in it's 5th year, me and my great friends Desiree, John and Kristen will be back with 128 competing ladies to see who will wear the crown for 2015's favorite classic movie actress!

The top 4 seeds are: 
Barbara Stanwyck (30's era)
Olivia de Havilland (40's era)
Audrey Hepburn (50's era)
Elizabeth Taylor (60's era)

I will be handling the 40's era here on All Good Things and I will start posting  banners and lists of the actresses who will be competing. The fun will begin on Sunday, March 1st. More details to follow soon!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hall Of Fame Inductee for December: CAROLE LOMBARD

It's been ages since I did an induction for my Hall of Fame and it occurred to me that Carole Lombard, my favorite actress had not been inducted yet. My oh my, that has to be corrected. Carole's achievements include winning a Montie for Best Actress for her performance in My Man Godfrey and winning the 2013 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tournament. And plus she is my favorite! Haha! Just kidding, those two previous achievements are more than enough to get her into All Good Things Hall of Fame! Congratulations Carole!

Friday, November 28, 2014

The final matches are over and the winning team of the 2014 Lombard Cup is.....

The final six matches in the 2014 Lombard Cup have wrapped up and Team Carole (my team) won four of them over Team Veronica (Kristen's team). Here are the final numbers:

ROBERT MITCHUM (Team Veronica) defeated DEAN MARTIN (Team Carole) 10-8
PAUL NEWMAN (Team Carole) defeated WILLIAM HOLDEN (Team Veronica) 12-7
STEVE MCQUEEN (Team Carole) defeated MARLON BRANDO (Team Veronica) 12-6
FRED ASTAIRE (Team Carole) defeated VINCENT PRICE (Team Veronica) 13-6
JOHN WAYNE (Team Veronica) defeated BOB HOPE (Team Carole) 12-8
JACK LEMMON (Team Carole) defeated ROBERT REDFORD (Team Veronica) 16-3

So that means Team Carole through 21 matches retains the Lombard Cup by the count of 14-7.
I would like to thank Kristen of Journeys in Classic Film for helping me stage this competition once again and to all those who voted. We shall return next November with another Lombard Cup with a different theme.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week 4 matches for the 2014 Lombard Cup

Here are the final six matches in the 2014 Lombard Cup that will determine which teams win the Lombard Cup. Will it be my team (Team Carole) or Kristen's (Team Veronica). The polls are located on the right sidebar and will be open till Friday evening. Here are the match-ups:



















Week 3 Matches in Lombard Cup final results

Team Kristen made a move as her team won 3 of the five matches. Here are the final numbers:

Fredric March 12 (Team Veronica)to Melvyn Douglas

(Team Carole)10

Gene Kelly (Team Veronica) 19 to Tony Curtis (Team 

Carole) 8

Ronald Colman (Team Carole) 17 to Dana Andrews

(Team Veronica) 8

James Garner (Team Carole) 17 to Montgomery Clift 

(Team Veronica) 9

Fred MacMurray (Team Veronica)14 to Robert 

Montgomery (Team Carole) 11

The current score is Team Carole 10 and Team Veronica 

5. The final six matches will be up soon.


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