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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Grace Kelly vs Ingrid Bergman to decide Favorite Hitchcock Leading Lady

How's this for a title match...Grace Kelly vs Ingrid Bergman for Favorite Hitchcock Leading Lady. Here are some stats on the two women for what is sure to be an exciting match.


Name: Grace Patricia Kelly
Birth Date: November 12, 1929 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Films made for Hitchcock: Rear Window, Dial M For Murder, To Catch A Thief
Academy Awards: 2 nominations, 1 win (Best Actress - The Country Girl (1954)
Monties: none so far
My favorite Grace film: Rear Window (1954)
Match Play Record: 12-2 (most wins in Match Play by anyone, but has yet to win a tourney)



Name: Ingrid Bergman
Birth Date: August 29th, 1915 (Stockholm, Sweden)
Films made for Hitchcock: Spellbound, Notorious and Under Capricorn
Academy Awards: 7 nominations, 3 wins (Best Actress - Gaslight (1944); Best Actress - Anastasia (1956); and Best Supporting Actress - Murder on the Orient Express (1974)
Monties: none so far
My favorite Ingrid film: Notorious
Match Play Record 7-2

Even though both women made three films for Hitch, I think Grace has a slight edge. As her three films for Hitch are more popular than Ingrid's three. There is no disputing Rear Window as one of Hitch's greatest films but Notorious is ranked pretty high in certain circles too. I think both women have loyal fan bases and that this match could go either way. Will Grace, who has won more matches in tournament play without ever winning the whole thing finally do it this time? Or will Ingrid, who has quietly amassed 7 victories in 9 tries, come in and steal another one from Grace? By Sunday evening we shall have our answer. The poll will be up first thing tomorrow morning.


Kristin Rae said...

Grace should always win every poll! :)

Unknown said...

Notorious is my favorite Hitchcock, but there's also something about Grace... it's really hard, I still don't know which to choose! Both very captivating women, both deserving of first place.

Unknown said...

Grace should win, I love her role at rear window so much, is one of my ever favourite character on Hitchcock movies, together with the girl from vertigo...shit I can't remember the name.
Great post, I have Grace also today in my post what a great coincidence!!
You have a new follower!

Patti said...

Tough choice. Notorious is my 2nd favorite Hitch film. (My 1st fave is "I Confess" which features neither actress.) However, Grace is more beloved to me than Ingrid.

What to do, what to do...

awopbopaloobopalopbamboom said...

I love Ingrid to death...

But when it comes to Hicth', I have to go with Grace Kelly.

Anonymous said...

Ingrid by a length, Hitchcock or otherwise. She could light up the screen in a nun's habit or rock the bob as a medieval warrior.


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