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Saturday, April 11, 2015

It will be Myrna Loy vs Natalie Wood for the crown of 2015 Favorite Classic Movie Actress

After falling behind in their respective matches earlier during the week, Myrna Loy and Natalie Wood stormed back to win and now will face each other in the championship match. Myrna Loy defeated Audrey Hepburn 305-234 while Natalie Wood defeated the red hot Greer Garson 543-318. Yep you read those final numbers right. The amount of votes logged were record-setting thanks to several fan-bases spreading the word about their favorites. From Blogger to Facebook to Tumblr to Twitter, word got around fast to produce some huge numbers. Now Natalie Wood after two previous final four trips, finally broke through to appear in her first championship match. While Myrna Loy will be trying to become the 4th actress from the 30's era to hoist the trophy as Favorite Classic Movie Actress. She would join Irene Dunne, Ginger Rogers and Carole Lombard in that achievement. Here are the stats for the two women that will start their match tomorrow morning.

Tourney record: 22-5
Number of final fours: 3
How she got here:
defeated Rita Moreno 94-20
defeated Paula Prentiss 92-10
defeated Julie Andrews 104-35
defeated Ann-Margret 119-25
defeated Shirley MacLaine 141-29
defeated Greer Garson 543-318
total votes accumulated so far 1093
What's at stake for her: Natalie has appeared in three final fours and
this is her first championship match. If she ever wanted to win the
crown, then this is it.


Tourney record: 16-4
Number of final fours: 1st time
How she got here:
defeated Virginia Weidler 61-6
defeated Eleanor Powell 79-8
defeated Shirley Temple 57-18
defeated Barbara Stanwyck 79-58
defeated Jean Arthur 57-39
defeated Audrey Hepburn 305-234
total votes accumulated so far 638
What's at stake for her: to continue the dominance of 30's era actress champions,
as 3 of the 4 past tourney champions have come from the 
30's era

The championship match begins tomorrow morning and will
run through next Saturday! Good luck to both Natalie and Myrna!

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