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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Final match between Lombard & Dunne

A friend of mine just brought it to my attention that even though I had the poll set to allow for only one vote per person, they could have voted several times. I bring this up because Carole Lombard was losing quite badly and once I posted that update, a little while later she logged over 50 votes in about 2 hours. I don't know what happened but to keep things fair I will void out that poll. And do a new one, this time using Blogger's features instead of Zoomerang. So everyone who voted before please come by and vote again. Just once, even if the system allows you more than one. Let's keep it fair and square.


Patti said...

I only voted once, but I must admit, probably most of us have the same mindset that we have for American Idol. I vote 50 or more times for my faves each week. (You're allowed 50 online votes, and unlimited phone votes.) My husband thinks it's insane that any competition allows people to vote more than once. But I guess most of us just love our faves so much that we can't resist voting over and over again.

Renata said...

thanks for setting a new poll Monty, it was only fair. I really hope Irene wins but if Carole wins I'll be glad too cause it'll be honestly!!! =)

Muligan said...

I love this March Madness, it's awesome!!
Thanks for doing it!

Tom said...

This is so exciting!

Renata said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Irene won, Irene won :D
I have to confess that I've been checking your site every 5 minutes today hahaha =) this was so exciting and I am so happy for Irene =)

Mythical Monkey said...

I've been stopping by all day to follow the matches -- a little surprised Irene Dunne bested Carole Lombard, but since I love Dunne, especially in Theodora Goes Wild and The Awful Truth, I'm more than happy.


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