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Friday, November 23, 2012

Jane Wyman teams with Jack Carson for the funny Make Your Own Bed (1944)

Successful businessman Walter Whirtle (Alan Hale, yes the dad of the Skipper from Gilligan's Island) and his wife Vivian (Irene Manning) have a hard time keeping servants in their employ. Enter private detective Jerry Curtis (played by Jack Carson) who has been fired for arresting the District Attorney. The only way that Walter can get Jerry to work for him is to tell Jerry that his life is in danger; the neighbor is trying to take his wife; and that Nazi spies are everywhere. Jerry needs a cook for his 'cover' so he gets his fiancée Susan (the game Jane Wyman) to work with him. The storyline may be exaggerated but it's so funny that you won't mind. Carson and Wyman make a delightful team. They would follow-up this movie with the equally hilarious The Doughgirls a few months later. Carson gets the majority of the best lines, but Wyman gets in a few good zingers as well. Make Your Own Bed is good, solid fun.
Jane Wyman
 It's a Great Feeling


rockfish said...

Where would I find this - Warner archives, or wait for TBS?

Silver Screenings said...

This looks great! I love Wyman and Carson - they were terrific in "Larceny, Inc."


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