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Monday, February 11, 2013

Gloria Grahame talks about her huge upset win in the first tourney

Here is my second fantasy (mock) interview with an actress who has competed in my favorite classic movie actress tourneys. It's where I get to sit down and have a chat with the women if they were actually here in the studio. A few days ago I chatted with Vivien Leigh. Today it is Gloria Grahame. If you recall Gloria scored one of the biggest upsets in tourney history when she defeated Marilyn Monroe in the opening round of the 1950's era bracket in the 2011 tourney edition. Monroe was seeded second while Gloria was 15th and it was expected that MM would waltz into the semi-finals at least. Here Gloria sheds some light on that magical moment for her.

Gloria scored one of the biggest upsets in tourney play
when she defeated Marilyn Monroe

Me: So Miss Grahame, how did it feel to upset Marilyn in that first round?

Miss Grahame: Monty, it was absolutely unbelievable! I was in complete shock. I couldn't believe it.

Me: walk me through what happened.

Gloria: Well, I had friends over during this event and we kept checking the numbers and it was early that first day but I was leading. And I thought oh..well this won't last. Marilyn is just toying with me. She is gonna wake up and just zoom past me. But after the first day of voting wrapped up, I was still ahead by 2 votes I believe.

Me: Yeah, I just checked the numbers and you was leading 13-11. It definitely sent waves through the tourney and I think it got Marilyn's attention for sure.

Gloria: Yes. But then after day two I was still leading and I just kept saying to myself she is gonna take the lead and it will be over. I would congratulate her for her gutsy win and I would go home.

Me: Except that it didn't play out like that did it? Describe the moment when I posted the final results for that match. What was it like?

Gloria: Once again, I had friends over that night and we was sitting around, having drinks and some dessert when you posted the final score. I won by like 5 votes if I recall. Everybody just screamed and cheered like I had been elected president or something. I couldn't believe it. I kept waiting for you to post a message about an error in the voting and the match would have to be restarted but that never happened.

Gloria was dressed to kill on the night of her big win

Me: Yeah that would happen in another match later on. But yours was for real. You took down Monroe. And I don't know if you knew this, but you led the entire way. Marilyn never got closer than those 2 votes on day one.

Gloria: Oh I did not know that. My goodness. It was an incredible moment for me I can tell ya. Of course I promptly lost to Debbie Reynolds the following week but I was still in heaven from my first win.

Me: Oh I bet you were. Well I want to thank you Miss Grahame for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on that memorable moment.

Gloria: Oh thank you Monty for having me. Good luck with this year's tourney.

Me: Same to you Miss Grahame. ladies and gentlemen..Miss Gloria Grahame.

The crowd erupts and we fade to black. I will return in a few days with another chat with a different actress.

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