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Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Childhood Crushes #8 - Judi Bowker

I haven't done a post on this series in awhile and thanks to my friend Valarie for mentioning Clash of the Titans on her facebook page when I commented on a recent pic. Made me think of my next choice for my childhood crush...Judi Bowker. Unlike previous crushes of mine, Clash of the Titans marks the only thing I ever saw Judi in but it was love at first sight. She played the princess Andromeda who was to be sacrificed to the Kraken unless her hero suitor Perseus (Harry Hamlin) could retrieve the head of Medusa and face the Kraken in a well, umm, Clash of the Titans.

Titans came out in 1981 and it promptly hit HBO by 1982 and I know I saw it a hundred times during my teen years. Bowker was only 26 when she made this movie and she was gorgeous. With her long flowing tresses of hair and lithe body, you couldn't take your eyes off of her. Any man would face numerous tasks and risks his life for this lovely lass. Well I know I would. 

Like I said before, Titans was the only thing I have seen her in. But she has done a few other things.. Most notably a TV adaption of Anna Karenina (1985) playing Kitty and a TV series based on Black Beauty during the mid 70's. But I will always remember her as Andromeda. It would have been cool if they offered her a part in the recent remake. She could have played Andromeda's mother. Oh well at least I still have the original film to remember.

The lovely Judi today


Valerie Joyce said...

She still looks great!
Here's to childhood crushes!!!
...As for me, I will always think fondly of Davy Jones, Desi Arnaz, Ralph Macchio, and Blair Underwood.

Laura said...

Judi Bowker is one of the most beautiful women ever. She's like an idealized fairy princess come to life in 1985's The Shooting Party (no surprise, she actually dressed like a fairy princess at one point).

And yes, if you look up some short features she's made recently on YouTube, she is indeed still stunning. That hair! Those eyes! Now that I think about it, maybe she is some sort of slow-aging immortal type like a fairy, because if you look at her early '70s work in Black Beauty and Brother Son, Sister Moon, she looks just the same as a fresh-faced teenager as she does in her '30s. Mad jealous!

Lovely tribute!

VKMfanHuey said...

wow...Clash of the Titans is a blast from the past! One of my faves as a kid... hmmm... Ms. Bowker was, and still is, VERY fetching indeed! Honestly, I guess I was enough of a kid that I seem to remember the fighting skeletons and of course, the Kracken... I DO know I picked up a copy of the film in the $5 bin at WallyWorld recently... my daughter has been studying mythology lately, so it may help he studies...and I have some 'refreshing' to do as well! :-) ...isn't Ursula Andress in this one as well? Alllllrighty, then!

Nice post, Monty!


Silver Screenings said...

Oh boy. I haven't seen any of the movies/series you mentioned - but a great tribute nonetheless! She really has soul-searching eyes, doesn't she?

Tommy said...

Dude you really need to see the 1977 BBC Count Dracula... her performance as Mina is devastatingly good, and some of the scenes where Dracula's seducing her are incredibly erotic yet simultaneously disturbing.

She also still performs on stage at London's Upstairs at the Gatehouse venue, now and again. I'm hoping to catch an autograph from her one day.

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Looks like you need to do some cleaning up (or screening, or blocking) in your comments section. Nevertheless, I just wanted to say I watched Titans last night late on SyFy channel. I was, again I imagine, enthralled by Judi Bowker, whose name I could not have told you until I searched the cast list this morning. In doing so, I found your blog (through a link to the recent picture of her). Thanks.

She was and still is so very beautiful. I watch a lot of Brittish film. I wish she was more active today.


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Dany said...

In the original "Clash of the Titans" script Andromeda was going to be naked when sacrificed to the Kraken (not realized for the rating). Imagine ...


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