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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

March Madness #27: AVA GARDNER

Welcome to ALL GOOD THINGS! It's MARCH MADNESS! Visit daily to see a classic film Super-Star of the day - a personality renowned for portraying the really, really B.A.D. and also the sweetest-dearest-most darling!

Day #26 results: FRANK SINATRA Voters responded enthusiastically: that lovable Nathan Detroit won by ONE 21- 20 over Frankie Machine. When I checked late last evening, it was a TIE!

TODAY the spotlight shines on AVA GARDNER ~ Beloved for her sultry good looks, and her solemn, serene gaze, Ava was also full of laughter, jokes and hijinks. Ava could be sweet as a lamb, or tough as a protective lioness.

Which of Ava's character types do YOU prefer?

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