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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

March Madness #8: RICHARD BURTON

Welcome to Day 8 of MARCH MADNESS!
Every day one Super-star will be featured - a star of many types of roles, from really, really B.A.D. to the sweetest-dearest-most darling!

DAY 7 Results: LAUREN BACALL's match was a run-away in favour of her lionish, rougher-tougher side. Marie "Slim" Browning soared ahead to 30 votes against 11
for the mild-mannered Lucy Moore Hadley from "Written on the Wind"
TODAY the spotlight shines on the glorious LAUREN BACALL. Nicknamed "THE LOOK" as a model, "Betty" had great range from romantic, funny, to intense! Which roles of hers do you prefer: LION: rough n' tuff! or LAMB: Sweet & soulful?

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