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Saturday, March 24, 2018

March Madness #24: ROBERT MITCHUM

Welcome to ALL GOOD THINGS! It's MARCH MADNESS! Visit daily to see a classic film Super-Star of the day - a personality renowned for portraying the really, really B.A.D. and also the sweetest-dearest-most darling!

Day #23 results: OLIVIA de HAVILAND inspires her fans more with her gentle roles than her tough ones. Her Gentle-Lamb won out 27 - 19 over Cousin Miriam, that ol' lioness!

TODAY the spotlight shines on ROBERT MITCHUM. One of the roughest-toughest male actors, Robert "did his own thing" and with his narrow-eyed squint, could give the most BEASTLY glances in film noir and dramas. But he could also be the romantic and was a popular heart-throb
Which of Jack's character types do YOU prefer?

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