CAROLE LOMBARD - My Favorite Actress

Thursday, October 6, 2011


As everyone knows, my favorite actress of all time is Carole Lombard. I gush about her frequently.  And today is her birthday. I wrote a post some months ago why I love her so much. If you missed it, here's the link: carole-lombard-is-my-favorite 

So today I just wanted to post some photos of my girl and say Happy Birthday Carole. And one quick little thought. When I tell my friends who aren't classic movie lovers, that I am celebrating a star's birthday by watching some of their films or blogging about them, they have no clue as to what I mean. Like Monty why are you doing that..they're dead. And I realize that they don't get it. We lovers of classic movies who blog and talk with each other understand. That we honor the memory of our favorites by doing what we do. It's great that we have their movies and albums and books to watch, listen and read. I love celebrating their birthdays every year. I love taking part in blogathons with my fellow film lovers. It's just awesome that we can do things like that. Non-classic film lovers don't get it. And sometimes I feel bad for them. But anyway back to the point of this post...Happy Birthday Carole! We miss you and love you like crazy. 


Patti said...

Those are great photos, Monty. She was lovely, that's for sure...and a great actress. Sadly, she was gone too soon.

I'm right there with ya on celebrating our favorite stars' birthdays. We do it at our house too!! And, next month, will be the 30th anniversary of my #1 guy's death, so I'll probably be remembering him on that day as well.

Have a wonderful day,

Irene Palfy said...

Beautifully said Monty - and the pictures are at least as beautiful. - maybe a bit more - without belittling your words..;")

Celebrate - as much as you can!!

VP81955 said...

From one Lombard fan to another, thanks!

Desiree said...

Happy birthday, Carole! I should see more of her movies.

Renata said...

I know! That's why I never talk about this stuff with ordinary people haha what do they know!

I adore you, my Carole!!! You're charming, fantastic, beautiful and you were such a lovely angel that God wanted you by his side very soon! Happy birthday, wherever you are!

Ps. I've been feeling like re-watching Vigil in the Night lately. I haven't seen that one in years!

The Lady Eve said...

Great pix choices, Monty!

monty said...

This is Carole's day and I'm about to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I hope everyone could manage to watch at least one of her films today.

FlickChick said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful tribute to your sweetheart.

CharmedLassie said...

I only really became acquainted with Carole last week when I watched To Be Or Not To Be, little knowing it was her last film. I was absolutely entranced by her and finding out that you adore her is just proof of her credentials! I'll be tracking down more of her in the future.

Page said...

Beautiful photos of Carole! She certainly was photogenic but then again she was flawless from her attire to that beautiful face.


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