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Sunday, March 17, 2013

3rd Round Matches

3rd round action begins today and here are the four category final matches of the 30's era. Good luck to all the women who have made it this far.

Tourney record (6-2)
2nd round victory over Kay Francis 44-18


Tourney record (2-1)
2nd round victory over Gloria Swanson 38-33


Tourney Record (5-2)
2nd round victory over Claudette Colbert 47-25


Tourney Record (3-3)
2nd round victory over Marlene Dietrich 39-32



Tourney Record (2-0)
2nd round victory over Bebe Daniels 


Tourney Record (2-1)
2nd round victory over Ruby Keeler



Tourney Record (10-3)

2nd round victory over Jean Harlow


Tourney Record (6-2)
2nd round victory over Jean Arthur

Matches will run through Wednesday evening. Should be another exciting round.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Second round matches (Funny Ladies and Singers/Dancers)

This evening begins the other two categories of the 30's era bracket, Funny Ladies and Singers and Dancers. Here are the match-ups. And they will run through Saturday afternoon. Some choice matches here especially in the funny ladies category between my girl Carole and Jean Harlow. And Myrna Loy vs Jean Arthur. Place your bets.


Tourney Record (9-3)
first round victory over Margaret Dumont 58-7


Tourney Record (2-3)
First Round victory over Margaret Sullavan 54-9

Tourney Record (5-2)
First Round victory over Thelma Todd 49-25



Tourney Record (2-2)
First round victory over Una Merkel 37-36



Tourney Record (1-0)
First round victory over Luise Rainer 52-14


Tourney Record (1-0)
First round victory over Shirley Temple 37-32


Tourney Record (1-1)
First round victory over Mae West 42-26


Tourney record (1-1)
First round victory over Jeanette MacDonald 48-18

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good Sunday Afternoon from Joan Blondell

Just a photo of Joan wishing everyone a great Sunday. She is apparently at the beach....

Saturday, December 3, 2011

All Good Things 2011 Classic Stars Of The Year

Welcome to the first annual Classic Stars of the Year list as chosen by All Good Things. These are the stars that made the most noise on my blog. That I wrote and talked about the most or who won the most tournaments or polls. In general the best of the best. I based it on Entertainment Weekly's yearly Entertainers of the Year list. So there will be 12 distinguished actors and actresses who made the cut (1 for each month) and I will begin with number 12 and work my way down to number one.
Virginia and Jimmy Cagney in the classic film WHITE HEAT (1949)

12.) VIRGINIA MAYO - The stylish actress makes it onto the list thanks to her recent birthday and my mini-marathon of watching several of her movies which aired on TCM. Virginia was one of the first of my classic movie goddesses I did when I started my blog two years ago. She has surged to my favorite actress list and resides at number 20. A very talented actress who deserved a lot more praise and attention. Well Virginia you have some attention now as you are one of the top classic stars on All Good Things.
Burt showing off his Rose Tattoo

11.) BURT LANCASTER - Started doing some short reviews recently and Burt was quite a frequent topic with such films as From Here To Eternity, Seven Days In May and Elmer Gantry. Burt is one of my fave actors and never gave a bad performance. Well in my opinion anyway.

Shirley looking so beautiful

10.) SHIRLEY JONES - Shirley was a recent classic movie goddess and she was the reason I changed my format a little showcasing my goddesses. And it appears you guys like the new format so I think I shall stay with it. Thank Shirley for that.

The one and only Grace Kelly

9.) GRACE KELLY - I do a weekly feature about Grace called If's It Tuesday, Then It Must Be Grace Kelly. I have no other recurring series featuring a sole star..not even Cary Grant or Carole Lombard. So that says a lot about Grace doesn't it. Also did a recent post comparing a modern actress to her in my From the Past to Now series. Yes, I do love Grace Kelly. Not to mention the fact her film Rear Window won my favorite Hitchcock film tournament.

The English Rose, Deborah Kerr

8.) DEBORAH KERR - One of my best classic movie goddess features yet as I had an awesome time writing about Deborah last month. Such an amazing actress and I just love gushing about her. Expect her to appear quite a bit here on All Good Things.

One of the frequent beach pics that put Joan on this list

7.) JOAN BLONDELL - Take one guess who was the star that I posted about the most during my At The Beach photo series over the summer...none other than Joan Blondell. Not Marilyn, not Rita Hayworth, not Ava Gardner..but Joan. A funny, beautiful and super talented classic star like no other.
Even dirty, Errol is all smiles

6.) ERROL FLYNN - The dashing Flynn was a hot topic here and at the blog I co-write with Irene Palfy, Let The Show Begin. In fact he was the first star on that maiden blog when we launched it last month. And Mr. Flynn has since rocketed up my favorite actor list to now settle in the top ten.

Joan posing a little

5.) JOAN CRAWFORD - Why hello Joan Crawford. Joan has been racking up Monties this year (2 so far, and a possible third on the way...1945 is on deck..Mildred Pierce anyone). I even wrote a post about her rubbing that fact in to her rival Bette Davis. All in good fun though. And thanks to my friend Jessica Rowe on FB, I have become a much bigger Joan fan than ever before.


 4.) ELIZABETH TAYLOR - When the divine Liz passed way earlier this year, the whole world felt the loss. She was one of a kind. She is a frequent topic here on All Good Things. And that won't end anytime soon.
Carole looking so beautiful!

 3.) CAROLE LOMBARD - My all time favorite actress ever! Hands down! I love Carole Lombard. I can watch her films all day long. And I can definitely talk about her all day long too. I was so proud of her run in the favorite actress tournament and now that she is winning big in my recent poll. Just overjoyed. I tend to post random pics about Carole for absolutely no reason..just because it's Carole!
Cary getting ready yet again for another honor

 2.) CARY GRANT - And my all time favorite actor..none other than Cary Grant. Winner of 3 Monties this year, winner of Favorite Actor in All Good Things Tournament this year, and the ost written about star here on this blog with 54 entries. Wow! Cary is the man!

Congratulations Irene! On a terrific year!

1.) IRENE DUNNE - There really could be only choice as to the Classic Star of the Year here on All Good Things. Irene Dunne. Like Cary, she dominated in the tournament for actresses, even knocking off my girl Carole. Won a Montie for The Awful Truth. And is the most frequent actress I have blogged about with 36 entries. I place Irene ahead of Cary because she had a lot more competition to deal with. Cary kind of walked his way through his tourney and was the top choice. Irene had to work her way up the chain and take on such heavyweights like Carole Lombard, Barbara Stanwyck, Grace Kelly and Vivien Leigh. And came out on top. So congratulations Irene, you are the Classic Star Of The Year!

Here's to another great year in 2012!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top Ten Stars For The Week Ending Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Here is my own little list of the top stars for the week. These top ranked actors and actresses are the ones I posted about the most or watched some of their movies during the week. Basically the ones that were on my mind for the majority of the week. You may be surprised by a few of them that made the list. I will try and rank them every week, if not then at least once a month. Here we go:
Joan Blondell
1. JOAN BLONDELL - I was crushing on Joan a lot for the past few weeks as most of my readers can attest. As I posted tons of her pics on here and FB. Believe it or not she was the most posted actress during my at the beach series, ahead of such goddesses like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth. Way to go Joan!
Elmer Gantry
2. SHIRLEY JONES - Is my classic goddess for the month and I have had a great time posting about her. Thanks to her I tweaked my format a little and I think it works fabulous. So thanks Shirley.
Judy Garland
3. JUDY GARLAND - Thanks to the musical tournament I'm doing for Dawn over at her blog, Singin' and Dancing Back In Time, Judy was discussed quite a bit over there and here on All Good Things. All of her four films made it to the semi-final matches of the 40's era. How impressive is that.
Lauren Bacall
4. LAUREN BACALL - Lauren just had a recent birthday which I almost missed. Well I did miss it by one day but made up for it with a nice birthday tribute post. Won't happen again Lauren.
Greta Garbo in As you desire Me(1932)
5. GRETA GARBO - Another recent birthday girl was Greta and I did not miss hers. I celebrated it with a viewing of Ninotchka and a little birthday tribute as well.
Humphrey Bogart
6. HUMPHREY BOGART - Watched a couple of his films recently including They Drive By Night and The Maltese Falcon. That's good enough for Bogie to land here on this list.
Only Angels Have Wings
7. CARY GRANT - You know my man was going be here, just on principal. Didn't talk too much about him this past week but his name came up in other places. There is just no getting around Cary Grant people.
Ginger Rogers
8. GINGER ROGERS - Watched a few of her films including The Major and The Minor which is a hilarious movie. And of course her film Swing Time nabbed the first spot in the final four of the musical tournament. Congrats Ginger.
Peter Lorre
9. PETER LORRE - Peter picked up a Montie for Best Supporting Actor in The Maltese Falcon which I just recently watched. So he was in the conversation a little this week.
10. VERA-ELLEN - Saw her movie Let's Be Happy one morning before work and her dancing sequence in her pajamas had me dancing along right with her.

So there you go, the top 10 stars of All Good Things for this past week. Like I said I hope to make this a weekly series.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Round 2 of The Favorite Musical Tournament has begun...

Gold Diggers of 1933.
Joan Blondell is all smiles as her film Gold Diggers of 1933 advances to round 2...

Round 2 of the favorite musical tournament is underway. Out of the 8 films that advanced to the next round, half are Fred Astaire /Ginger Rogers films. Should be an exciting round. Here's the link to Dawn's fabulous page: Singin and Dancing Back In Time

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joan Blondell...still celebrating her birthday

Joan's birthday may have been yesterday but this photo was too good not too post, even a day later. Here is Joan cutting her cake with some help from friends Clark Gable and Greer Garson...
Doesn't Joan look marvelous?


Joan post birthday, about to roll the dice at the beach...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Joan Blondell (1906 - 1979)

One of my favorite screwball comediennes is Joan Blondell and today is her birthday. Joan perfected the wise-cracking girl who was always in the middle of some wild and crazy scenario. She really shined in the films of the 30's, usually either in musicals (Gold Diggers of 1933, Footlight Parade, Dames) or screwball comedies (Kansas City Princess, Stand-In, Smarty, Good Girls Go To Paris). She also starred in several melodramas and gangster flicks during this decade such as Public Enemy, Blonde Crazy, He Was Her Man). And let's not forget her sensational pairings with Glenda Farrell. These two women rocked the film scene like no other female pair in history. In such films like Kansas City Princess, We're in The Money, Traveling Saleslady,  Miss Pacific Fleet, and Havana Widows. These two were awesome together. I plan to write a special post on this duo very soon. So stay tuned. In the meantime, let's all wish Joan a Happy Birthday!
Joan and Glenda

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stars and Umbrellas Part 2

Yesterday I posted several pics of Audrey Hepburn with umbrellas. Today I've posted more stars with umbrellas. In this batch of pictures, we have Marilyn Monroe, Gene Tierney, Errol Flynn and Joan Blondell. Enjoy. And thanks to my friend Millie over at GAOH for posting these wonderful pics.


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