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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GIANT is a great epic size film

Giant is an epic size movie that is very well done. It focuses on Texas ranger Jordan Benedict (played by Rock Hudson) who travels to a Maryland farm to buy a prize horse. There he meets the lovely Leslie (played by Elizabeth Taylor) and immediately falls in love. The film details their life together at Benedict's family ranch in Texas and their rivalry with Jett Rink (James Dean's last film before his untimely death). This is grand film-making on an epic scale. Director George Stevens unfolds this film at a good pace.
Liz and Rock

Even though the film logs in at just over 3 hours, I felt that it seemed rushed in particular moments. I mean once Leslie and Jordan had the twins and then they had the birth of their third child, the years seemed to go by pretty fast. Before you knew it, the kids had grown into Dennis Hopper and Carroll Baker. It spanned over 30 years but it just seemed like it was rushed over despite its length. That’s a minor quibble though as Giant is one of the best films ever made. Most people always talk about James Dean and Liz Taylor’s performances, but let me tell you something…Rock Hudson is amazing in this film. I never really cared for Hudson as an actor, other than the films he made with Doris Day and his TV series McMillian and Wife. In Giant, he impressed the hell out of me. I actually believe he was the best character in the film. Not to shortchange Dean, Taylor and  Mercedes McCambridge (as Jordan's older sister), but Rock was on point with this one. I know some people may say that Giant is a weaker Gone With The Wind, I disagree. I think Giant holds its own as an epic film that deserves it place in history.
James Dean and Mercedes McCambridge

Liz Taylor and James Dean

Dean strikes it rich

The gorgeous Liz


Page said...

I'm such a huge fan of Giant!

Liz never looked more beautiful than she did in this film wearing her western skirts and boots.
Such a wonderful script with an amazing cast. Also my favorite Rock Hudson and James Dean picture.

This write up makes me want to see it again and I don't mind the 3 hour length one bit.

Elya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elya said...

James and Elizabeth .... They both were and always will be one of the best actors. The Golden Age of Hollywood. Icons! Love it!


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