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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marquee Matchups for Week 2 in MARCH MADNESS (1940's Era)

I listed all 8 matches in the 1940's era bracket that are slated to kick off tomorrow morning in another post. But I wanted to comment on a couple of matches that I think stand out from the rest.

The best match I believe to be is 8th seed Rita Hayworth vs 9th seed Hedy Lamarr. Talk about a dream match up. Both are poised and beautiful and had lengthy careers. This one might go down to the wire. I'm also looking forward to the match up between 7th seed Gene Tierney and 10th seed Greer Garson. That should be another close match as well. And the match between 6th seed Olivia de Havilland against 11th seed Lana Turner sounds very intriguing. The 40's was one of the era's where I had the most difficulty in making selections. The most notable omissions were Judy Garland, Paulette Goddard, Veronica Lake, Teresa Wright, and Linda Darnell just to name a few. But hopefully this week will provide as much drama and action as the first week did with the silent/30's era. Some of the big questions will be, can a number 1 seed make it to the final match. Greta Garbo, a one seed in the silent/30's era bracket got bounced during the 2nd round.  So all eyes will be on Bette Davis and see if she can handle the pressure. Also, can a high seed go deep into the week just like 10th seed Irene Dunne has done in the 30's bracket. Things are going to be very interesting this week.

1 comment:

Ginger Ingenue said...

Oh, what fun! :)

Here's hoping Gene Tierney beats the pants off Greer Garson!

Same for Ingrid Bergman and Jeanne Crain. ;)


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