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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why Carole Lombard is my favorite actress

*Now that Carole's run in my Classic Movie Actress Tournament has come to an end, I can now post this piece I've written about her. I didn't want to show any signs of favoritism while she was competing, even though everyone knows she is my all time favorite actress.

Why Carole Lombard is my favorite actress – Last year I wrote a post entitled why Cary Grant is my favorite actor. Now it’s Carole Lombard’s turn. And what better time than right now as she is my classic movie goddess of the month and currently doing very well in my March Madness tournament. Without a doubt Carole is my favorite actress of all time. And she has been so as long as I can remember. I started watching older movies when I was about 12 years old and believe the first film of hers I saw was nothing Sacred. And I loved her immediately.
 I knew I would like several more actresses over time but for me Carole is the one. She has such a down home aura that meshed perfectly with the glamorous life of Hollywood. Not only was she stunningly beautiful but was also a great screwball comedienne. I loved the fact that she was not above taking a pratfall or engaging in some silly hi-jinks that would leave viewers very amused. And Carole could do other film genres besides comedy. Comedy just happened to be her greatest strength. If she is not the undisputed queen of screwball comedy, then she is definitely in the discussion. I know fans of Irene Dunne and Myrna Loy might argue that point but for me Carole is tops.
She was a talented actress with several classic films on her resume including Twentieth Century, My Man Godfrey, Nothing Sacred, Hands Across The Table, To Be Or Not To Be, Mr. and Mrs. Smith (my favorite film of hers) and In Name Only (which paired her with Cary Grant for the only time) in one of the supreme tear-jerkers of all time. It’s a shame Carole’s life was cut short by that tragic plane accident. It was a huge loss for such a wonderful and talented person. Her contribution to the screwball comedy genre cannot be praised enough. Her beauty, poise, humor and intelligence were traits that brought not only to films but in her life as well. I wished I could have met Carole just once. I know it would have been an amazing experience. So while this month is dedicated to her as my classic movie goddess, I will always be talking about and praising about Carole here on All Good Things as much as possible. In fact you could almost call my blog All Good Things Carole as much as I talk about her. I wear my love for this amazing woman openly for all to see. Carole, this is dedicated to you.


Patti said...

Is Nothing Sacred the one with Fredric March? If so, that is in my Net Flix instant queue...just waiting for some time to watch it.

While I really like Carole in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I am much more a drama gal than a comedy one, so I love her in In Name Only best and then Made for Each Other. Also, as a huge Coop fan, I enjoyed her in the one she and Coop made with Shirley Temple (is it called now and Forever?)

Wow, you started watching classic movies when you were 12? I turned my kids on to the classics when they were about 13 and 15, but I, myself didn't discover these amazing movies until about 6 years ago, when I was well into adulthood.

Have a great day!!

Renata said...

What a lovely post, Monty. She was truly special, an angel in heaven and even after 70 years she's terribly missed!!

Dawn said...

Monty, what a lovely tribute to Carole Lombard.

Audrey said...

Carole was so incredibly talented. I love that she never took herself too seriously--she was as earthy and approachable as she was glamorous and beautiful. That really sets her apart, I think. My favorite film (that I have seen) of hers is probably To Have or Have Not. It's just so laugh-out-loud funny and her performance is great. I have yet to see her in dramas. I'm looking forward to watching some of those, too.

Unknown said...

This is a really beautiful post, Monty! It is eloquently written and one can tell how much you love her and it's obvious why she is your favorite. Loved reading it!


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