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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Top Ten Stars For The Week Ending Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Here is my own little list of the top stars for the week. These top ranked actors and actresses are the ones I posted about the most or watched some of their movies during the week. Basically the ones that were on my mind for the majority of the week. You may be surprised by a few of them that made the list. I will try and rank them every week, if not then at least once a month. Here we go:
Joan Blondell
1. JOAN BLONDELL - I was crushing on Joan a lot for the past few weeks as most of my readers can attest. As I posted tons of her pics on here and FB. Believe it or not she was the most posted actress during my at the beach series, ahead of such goddesses like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth. Way to go Joan!
Elmer Gantry
2. SHIRLEY JONES - Is my classic goddess for the month and I have had a great time posting about her. Thanks to her I tweaked my format a little and I think it works fabulous. So thanks Shirley.
Judy Garland
3. JUDY GARLAND - Thanks to the musical tournament I'm doing for Dawn over at her blog, Singin' and Dancing Back In Time, Judy was discussed quite a bit over there and here on All Good Things. All of her four films made it to the semi-final matches of the 40's era. How impressive is that.
Lauren Bacall
4. LAUREN BACALL - Lauren just had a recent birthday which I almost missed. Well I did miss it by one day but made up for it with a nice birthday tribute post. Won't happen again Lauren.
Greta Garbo in As you desire Me(1932)
5. GRETA GARBO - Another recent birthday girl was Greta and I did not miss hers. I celebrated it with a viewing of Ninotchka and a little birthday tribute as well.
Humphrey Bogart
6. HUMPHREY BOGART - Watched a couple of his films recently including They Drive By Night and The Maltese Falcon. That's good enough for Bogie to land here on this list.
Only Angels Have Wings
7. CARY GRANT - You know my man was going be here, just on principal. Didn't talk too much about him this past week but his name came up in other places. There is just no getting around Cary Grant people.
Ginger Rogers
8. GINGER ROGERS - Watched a few of her films including The Major and The Minor which is a hilarious movie. And of course her film Swing Time nabbed the first spot in the final four of the musical tournament. Congrats Ginger.
Peter Lorre
9. PETER LORRE - Peter picked up a Montie for Best Supporting Actor in The Maltese Falcon which I just recently watched. So he was in the conversation a little this week.
10. VERA-ELLEN - Saw her movie Let's Be Happy one morning before work and her dancing sequence in her pajamas had me dancing along right with her.

So there you go, the top 10 stars of All Good Things for this past week. Like I said I hope to make this a weekly series.


Irene Palfy said...

Great that Peter Lorre made it into this list! ;")


and THEY DRIVE BY NIGHT!! (Really, really love that one..)

and: Hurray!! for Joan and Judy!! :")

Desiree said...

Love this list! Adore your #1. I want to see a Joanie movie again... I have tons on my DVR! And of course, who couldn't love Cary Grant :)


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