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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hall Of Fame Inductee for July: OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND

It's been awhile since I inducted someone into my Hall of Fame. Since January as a matter of fact. Sorry about that. But the inductee for July will make up for all those absent months. I hereby welcome Olivia de Havilland to All Good Things Hall of Fame. She earned that achievement by recently picking up her third Montie award, Best Actress for The Snake Pit (1948). She was also recently my star of the week on my FB page and is a regular mainstay here on my blog. So let's give Olivia a nice warm applause for this wonderful occasion.


Cheryl said...

I'll agree to that if her sister is either in there or is Ms. October, her birth month. I counter with Ms. Fontaine's Rebecca, Suspicion, Jane Eyre and ANY woman who would star in a film entitled The Constant Nymph.

To her elder's sister's credit, however, might I recommend The Adventures of Robin Hood and To Each His Own (my favorite role)?

I apologize but have this highly abnormal reaction to certain movies and simply abhor anything related to Gone with the Wind. May I tell Vivian Leigh what she can do with her carrots?

Silver Screenings said...

Am glad Olivia has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. My fave Olivia roles are "The Snake Pit" and "A Light in the Piazza".

ClassicBecky said...

Perfect choice, Monty...Olivia is one of the finest actors of all eras of Hollywood. My favorites of hers are The Heiress, The Snake Pit, and of course every Errol Flynn duo she ever made!


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