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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The 6th Annual Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney returns in March

March Madness, Classic Movie Actress style will soon be upon us as the 6th annual Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney returns. Wow, can't believe this will be the sixth one. Time has just zipped along and these tourneys just seem to get better and better each year. Once again 132 classic movie actresses will be competing across four eras and once again my friends and fellow bloggers Desiree, John and Virginie will be helping me make this another wonderful tourney. The top 4 seeds this year based on their finishes last year are:
30's era - Myrna Loy
40's era- Greer Garson
50's era - Audrey Hepburn
60's era - Shirley MacLaine
The tourney begins Sunday march 6th and I will be posting updates through-out the rest of this month and next with complete listings of all the actresses that will be competing. Can't wait!

1 comment:

Rick29 said...

Looking forward to it. I think Audrey can be upset by an underdog...but we'll see!


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