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Sunday, August 19, 2012

31 Stars In 31 Days: Day 19 - NATALIE WOOD

One of my all time favorite actresses, Natalie Wood gets her day under the sun as she is my star of the day. I have loved Natalie ever since I began watching classic movies so many years ago. I believe the first film I saw her in was the comedy Father was a Fullback (1949) with Fred MacMurray. AMC showed lots of her movies back then and I tried to watch them all. I recorded some movies of hers from TCM last year and will watch them today. Should be a very good Sunday.

Favorite Natalie film: LOVE WITH THE PROPER STRANGER (1965)
Favorite Natalie role: Maggie DuBois (The Great Race)
Favorite Marilyn co-star: Tony Curtis in The Great Race/Sex and the Single Girl
Films of Natalie seen: 21 out of 45 films

Ummm, I wonder what films of mine Monty will watch today?

Today's films: from the 60's era when she had matured into adult roles with the slightest of ease.
Like I said I recorded these films last year from TCM and some I have never seen, so today will be a new Natalie experience for me. Including CASH McCALL (1960), co-starring James Garner. I also have BOB & CAROL & ALICE & TED (1969) the swinging comedy about well ummm swingers. And will top it off with The Great Race, which I have seen countless times but never get tired of watching it.


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