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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hall of Fame new inductees for the month: Ginger Rogers and Rosalind Russell

A new month brings two more inductees for my Hall of Fame. Two more wonderful women. Ginger Rogers and Rosalind Russell.

Ginger earns his way into All Good Things Hall Of Fame thanks to her complete annihilation of other actresses in this year's Favorite Classic Actress tourney. I mean she crushed her competitors with some very lop-sided victories. Even took down my girl Carole Lombard. She joins first tourney winner Irene Dunne in that regard of inductees entering the hall of fame.

Rosalind Russell gets in thanks to her recent Montie win for Best Actress of 1940. Her memorable turn as reporter Hildy Burns is one for the ages. It's my favorite movie of all time and it's my favorite performance of hers.

So that brings the total to eight people currently in the Hall of Fame. Be back next month with two more additions.

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