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Sunday, September 30, 2012

A new tournament to kickstart October!

After a lackluster month blogging for September in which I wrote only 10 posts, by far my lowest output since starting my blog nearly three years ago. I needed something to get me going again. So why not a of my favorite things that has been a regular feature on my blogs. So what would be the theme of said tournament? Since it's October, a month all about scary things, why not focus on Alfred Hitchcock. Specifically the leading ladies of Hitchcock. Last year I did a tourney spotlighting Hitch's films which was won by Rear Window. This tourney will focus on the top 16 actresses of his films. And I know most people are probably figuring Grace Kelly should win hands down, but there have been upsets before in my other tourneys of the past. Remember Gloria Grahame knocking off heavily favored Marilyn Monroe? Huge upset. As a favorite sports saying goes, that's why we play the game. I am still working on the list of contenders but I do have the top four selected. My selection process is basing the women's record in Hitch's films: most recognition, an Oscar win or nomination, most appearances, etc. And I will be concentrating on leading ladies so such outstanding supporting work such as Judith Anderson in Rebecca will not be eligible. I may do a tourney focusing on supporting players next year maybe. Anyway here are the top 4 seeds of the tourney. 

1 GRACE KELLY - She appeared in three Hitch films: Rear Window, Dial 'M' For Murder and To Catch A Thief. One of Hitch's frequent leading ladies. While she never won an Oscar for playing one of his ladies, she made quite an impression on audiences and critics. Her Lisa Fremont in Rear Window is my all time favorite Hitchcock character.

2 JOAN FONTAINE - The only actress to win an Oscar in a Hitchcock film. The only person as a matter of fact, including actors. Yes Cary Grant nor Jimmy Stewart never won an Oscar for their multiple appearances in a Hitchcock film. Joan was nominated for both Rebecca and Suspicion in consecutive years of 1940 and 1941 and won for the latter.

3 INGRID BERGMAN - Top notch actress who graced audiences with her appearances in three Hitch films: Notorious, Spellbound and Under Capricorn. More than worthy enough in being a top seed in this tourney.

4 KIM NOVAK - Many consider Hitch's Vertigo his masterpiece and the actress in that film is none other than Kim Novak. It is considered to be one of her best roles.

So there you have the top four actresses who have earned the right to be the top seeds. I will have the complete list done before the week is out as the tourney will begin Sunday, October 7th. Hope everyone will drop by to take part in this tournament.

Even Hitch is excited about the tourney...


Patti said...

Your tourneys are always so much fun, and I'm sure this one will be no exception.

For what it's worth, I think Miss Fontaine won her award for the wrong film. I think she was even better in "Rebecca" than she was in "Suspicion.

I understand where you are coming from with regard to keeping up your blog. Based on the low number of blog updates that come through my dashboard, I think many bloggers (including myself) are feeling that way.

Kristen said...

Yay! So excited for the new tournament, you continue to inspire me with new ideas for stuff like this! I'm already thinking of joining Team Bergman! Also excited to see more movement on the blog, missed you of late!


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