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Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Movie Dreams: A new series

Some of my friends know that my dreams can be very cinematic. As I usually tell them all about them. And they are some doozies. Usually placing me in certain scenes from certain movies or with certain actors/actresses. I thought I would start sharing some of those with all of my followers. And I can remember most of the dreams like they were yesterday. So here is dream #1.

It begins with me chasing some bad guy at night through this crowded mall. I am a cop. And my partner is Robert De Niro. Yes..Robert De Niro. So we're chasing this guy all over the place with our guns drawn and wearing our badges around our necks on chains. Look pretty cool might I add. We're closing in on him when we run into my aunt at the food courtyard. And she starts talking to me. Monty, where have you been? Have you seen your momma lately? Who are you seeing now? Just grilling me with all these questions and De Niro jumps in and says "Excuse us ma'am, but this is police business and we're in pursuit of a known felon. We need to get going." Sounding all cop like. Then my aunt comes back with "Now hold on there Bobby...I know your momma taught you better manners than that."

My mouth hit the floor and I said "This is Mr. De Niro. You don't call him Bobby. What's wrong with you?"
She came back at me "Quiet Monty..grown folks are talking here".

And then the dream kind of fades out. Lasted only for a few minutes but I thought it was pretty cool. Expect many more of my cinematic dreams to follow here on my blog. Thanks for listening!

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