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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Round 3 is underway...

I have started the two of the four bracket matches for round 3 in the favorite classic couples tourney. In the Elaine Marriott bracket, top seed Fred and Ginger squares off against 2nd seed couple Errol and Olivia. While in the Erenia Russo bracket, top seed couple Bogie and Bacall take on 2nd seed couple Cary and Irene. Desiree will start the other two matches in a few hours due to the time difference as she lives on the west coast. Her matches have top seed couple Powell and Loy taking on underdog 6th seed couple Rosalind Russell and Robert Montgomery in The Josie Miller Bracket. While over in the Catherine Bellamy bracket, top seed couple Tracy and Hepburn take on 2nd seed couple Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald.The matches will run through Thursday evening and will decide the final four couples. Good luck to all the couples. Here's the link to Desiree's blog to cast your votes when she has the matches up and running...

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