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Monday, December 14, 2009

"Lost Treasure" Found

Before DVDS came out, I had a quite large collection of movies on VHS. I ended up either giving most of them away or selling them through a yard sale. The rest I packed up in a box and put out in my shed. Flash forward 10 years later and I needed to see Pillow Talk for a weekly discussion with Dawn on Doris Day movies. I couldn't remember if I had Talk on VHS or not so I go look for it. I had to dig through some stuff to get to said box, but once I found it, guess what the first movie that I came across was? Yep, it was Pillow Talk. But then I started sorting through the box which had about 70 or 80 tapes in there and look at the list of movies I had in there:

Kiss Me Stupid (1964) Dean Martin, Kim Novak
The Trouble With Harry (1955) Shirley MacLaine
Saboteur (1942) Robert Cummings, Priscilla Lane
The Ghost Breakers (1942) Bob Hope, Paulette Goddard
The Chalk Garden (1964) Deborah Kerr, Hayley Mills
His Girl Friday (1940) Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell
Stage Door (1937) Katherine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers
The Snake Pit (1948) Olivia DeHavilland
All About Eve (1950) Bette Davis, Anne Baxter
The Miracle Of Morgan's Creek (1945) Betty Hutton, Eddie Bracken
Straw Dogs (1971) Dustin Hoffman, Susan George
The Night Of The Iguana (1964) Richard Burton, Deborah Kerr, Ava Gardner
Arsenic & Old Lace (1944) Cary Grant, Priscilla Lane
The Bad & The Beautiful (1952) Kirk Douglas, Lana Turner
Picnic (1955) William Holden, Kim Novak, Rosalind Russell
Libeled Lady (1936) William Powell, Spencer Tracy, Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy
Singin' In The Rain (1952) Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds
The Graduate (1967) Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft
Some Came Running (1959) Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Shirley MacLaine
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (1941) Carole Lombard, Robert Montgomery
The Avengers box set with Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg

Finding these lost movies was like Christmas morning for me. Because I haven't seen most of these films in years. So you know what I will be doing the next few weeks or so. Just wanted to share my lost find with everyone.

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KC said...

You've got a lot of viewing ahead of you--LOL. Sounds like fun though. I love little surprise like that.


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