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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Double Feature with Anne Baxter

Tonight on TCM, there is a double feature starring the wonderful Anne Baxter. They are two of Anne's earlier films: Five Graves To Cairo (1943) directed by Billy Wilder and The Fighting Sullivans (1944). If you get a chance, check out at least one of them of this highly underrated actress. Anne was best known as the young Eve Harrington, who sparred with the great Bette Davis in the classic All About Eve. For my money Anne was one of the best actresses ever to come along. I recently did a top 25 favorite actresses list and she just missed it by an hair. I may have to rethink that list now. Or maybe expand it to a top 50. Anyway check out the lovely and talented Anne Baxter tonight on TCM. It starts at 8pm EST.

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