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Friday, February 26, 2010

Recently Purchased DVDS

Just bought two classic movie DVD sets, one with Cary Grant and the other with Frank Sinatra. There are 5 films in each set and I paid $40 bucks for both sets. Awesome deal. The Cary Grant set is called Screen Legend Collection and features 5 of Cary's early films. They are:

Thirty Day Princess (1934) with Sylvia Sidney
Kiss And Make Up (1934) with Helen Mack and Edward Everett Horton
Wings in the Dark (1935) with Myrna Loy
Big Brown Eyes (1936) with Joan Bennett
Wedding Present (1936) with Joan again.

And it will be a treat because I've never seen any of these films.

On the Sinatra set, the films are:

The Man With The Golden Gun (1955) with Kim Novak
Marriage on the Rocks (1965) with Deborah Kerr and pal Dean Martin
None But The Brave (1965) with Clint Walker and Tommy Sands
Some Came Running (1959) with Dean Martin and Shirley Maclaine
The Tender Trap (1955) with Debbie Reynolds

Now I have seen Some Came Running and The Tender Trap but it's been awhile. So all in all, 10 movies for $40 bucks is a heck of a deal. I got them at this local video store called Movie Stop. I have spent much money there over the years. Just wanted to share this with everyone.

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