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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dream Wife(1953).

Dream Wife(1953). Romantic/comedy. Cast: Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, Walter Pidgeon and Betta St. John, Eduard Franz, Buddy Baer, Richard Anderson, Dan Tobin, Dean Miller and Movita. Directed by Sidney Sheldon. After performing in this film, Cary Grant retired from acting, turning down many films including: Sabrina and A Star Is Born. In 1955, director Alfred Hitchcock wanted Grant to perform in, To Catch A Thief, which maybe gave Grant the change that he was looking for.

While on a business trip to Bukistan, Clemson Reade, is invited to the home of the Khan of Bukistan. There he watches the princess Tarji, perform a seductive dance just for him. Her father Khan tells Clemson, that Tarji has been "trained" to devote her life to her husband. Clemson, loves the idea of a devoted wife, but he already has a fiancee Priscilla, who works for the United States, State Department. After he arrives home, Effie tells him that the wedding must be postponed until after the big oil deal is signed.

After, spending the afternoon with his co- workers complaining about independent women, Clemson, sends a marriage proposal to Tarji. The princess father quickly sends goats as part of her dowry. McBride, worried that Clemson will do something to ruin the oil deal, asks Priscilla to chaperon the two to make sure that things do not become.. too complicated.

Soon after, Tarji arrives Clemson, is surprised to learn that Eastern custom forbids any physical contact until after their marriage. To add to his frustration Clemson, is told that the wedding date is three months away. Tarji, soon learns how to speak English and loves the life that American women live.

One day, Tarji meets a group of young men and allows them to believe that she is single, which later causes a fight to break out and Tarji lands in jail.

After, hearing the news of the scandal, the Khan rushes to America and announces the end of his daughter's engagement with Clemson. Now, worried about the oil contract, Effie charms Khan and changes his mind about their engagement.

The day before he and Tarji are to marry, Clemson realizes that he is still in love with Effie. Will he find the courage to break off his engagement with Tarji?

Even though Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr make a wonderful couple and Grant's very cute facial expressions, this movie is just not one of their best performances.

Fun Facts:

First of three movies that paired Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant.

Betta St. John (26 November 1929). She made her film debut at age 10 in the unbilled role of a little girl who sings Marlene Dietrich's song "Little Joe" in the film, Destry Rides Again (1939).

She also performed in the films, Our Gang short and Jane Eyre (1943). Rodgers and Hammerstein took notice of this singing/dancing talent and cast her in, Carousel(1945). When the musical team were ready to cast the role of "Liat" for their new musical South Pacific(1949) they wanted Betta. Betta made her first adult role in the film, Dream Wife (1953).


Victoria said...

While the girl who played Tarji was undeniably beautiful...and as a huge Cary Grant fan...for me, this goes down as one of his absolute worst! I have a hard time even getting through it, the silliness of it all!!! And Tarji learning to speak fluent English so quickly?

IMO, this was such a waste of the wonderful pairing of Cary and Deborah!

KimWilson said...

Never seen this one. And Victoria's comment above makes me think I never will!

monty said...

As a die hard Cary fan, I have to agree that this is not one of his best films. Still it was nice seeing him paired with the always wonderful Deborah Kerr!

Dawn said...

Maybe that is why after performing in this film, Cary Grant retired from acting, for a short time.. :)


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