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Saturday, August 6, 2011

At The Beach: CARY GRANT

My man, Cary Grant posing at the beach...


Kalli said...

I'm wondering why he's wearing socks when he's in the sand? I'll let it go because it's Cary Grant. Great picture!

Irene Palfy said...

My guess is that it was quite a hot and sunny day - and that way the sand was hot, too..

Anyway: in case Iwould meet Cary Grant looking like this - I think I would not think sooo much about his footwear.. ;")

Kalli said...

I bet that's why he was wearing the socks! Sand can get extremely hot! The only place I've ever been where the sand doesn't get very hot is in Siesta Key.

lol I think I was looking at the picture too much to notice the socks in the first place.

Dawn said...

Cary Grant, looks great with or without socks. :)

Arne said...

This picture is from a series of Grant and housemate Randolph Scott at the house in Santa Monica they shared for a time.


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