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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Breakdown of the first five matches in the Lombard Cup

Here is my take on the first five matches in the Lombard Cup showcasing classic era actors matching up with their modern counterparts. 

Match 1: Steve McQueen vs Clint Eastwood
While Eastwood burst out in the 60's thanks to his man with no name western trilogy and could have easily fit in at the tail end of the classic era, I decided to put him in with the modern era group mainly because his 40 years that period is just amazing. The Dirty Harry films, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Unforgiven, In The Line of Fire, Million Dollar Baby, and Gran Torino. Not that it matters too much as I think Steve McQueen is truly iconic and just will over power Clint in this match.It may be close at first but in the end I think the first match victory will go to Team Classic!

Match 2: Spencer Tracy vs Tom Cruise
If you take away the backlash that Cruise has received over the past few years for his crazy antics this match might be a little closer. Spencer Tracy is one of those beloved Hollywood legends that people love no matter what. I mean his "affair" with Kate Hepburn while still married didn't seem to damper his career or image. Take all that away and you still have a terrific actor in Tracy. One of the golden age's best. And every now and then Cruise will raise his acting level up a notch in films like Born on the Fourth of July and Magnolia. But once again I give the edge to Team Classic in this one.

Match 3: James Cagney vs Harrison Ford
Oh my! This is a huge one. Cagney vs Ford. Cagney is forever remembered as one of Hollywood's toughest tough guys. Stare down anyone in his gangster films of the 30's. And a pretty good actor too. While Ford is one of the biggest modern era stars of all time. I mean he has two of the most iconic film roles ever...Han Solo in the original Star Wars trilogy and Indiana Jones in four films. I think I will lean toward Ford in this match-up by a hair.

Match 4: Cary Grant vs Johnny Depp
That I was able to pick these two names out of separate baskets so randomly I think shows that this was a match of destiny. Cary Grant against Johnny Depp. You couldn't ask for a bigger marquee match-up than this. And while Cary is universally loved...he practically ran away with my favorite classic actor tourney two years ago, Depp has a huge fanbase as well. I like Depp but I love Grant so this will be a no brainer for me. For some people, it might be a very hard decision to make.

Match 5: Clark Gable vs Daniel Day-Lewis
The King takes on Daniel in what I think Gable will win. I mean we're talking Rhett 'freakin' Butler here folks. No Slight on Lewis who is a phenomenal actor but I think this is a wrap for Clark. I can practically here Carole over there chanting his name.

By the way the matches have started this morning...I couldn't wait to get going. 


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I voted! Do I get a sticker??? lol Guess what? I voted for ALL the classics. Shocker, I know :)

callmemadam said...

All no-brainers for me, classic every time, but Grant v Depp, that was a tough pairing.

I had to take a deeep breath and go with Cary, but if Johnny had been up against anyone else, I'd have voted for him.

This is gonna be interesting!

Patti said...

While I had a mild crush on Han Solo back in the 70's, he absolutely cannot hold a candle to my beloved Jimmy Cagney. Of the 5 classic stars in this round, Cagney is, easily, my fave. (I adore Clark and Cary as well, but Cagney is one of my "beloveds.")

No surprise, as you know, all classics for me.

By the way, Daniel Day-Lewis is one of those stars I don't know at all. Wouldn't have known who he is or what he looked like except for this tourney.


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