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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cinematic World Tour heads to Scotland for Local Hero (1983)

Karin aka Whistlingypsy has crafted another wonderful vacation post at her blog. Her first post she did was for the film, Rome Adventure (1962), which I finally saw for the first time about two weeks ago. Which reminds me I still need to do that review. I know Irene is waiting patiently for it. Anyway, Karin's new trip centers on the 1983 film Local Hero, starring Peter Riegert and Burt Lancaster. I remember viewing this as a teenager many times when it aired on HBO. It's a really good film and makes great use of Scotland. Karin also talks about Houston, where the film has some scenes too. She injects the post with her own personal reflections and does a really wonderful job. So please go to her blog to check it out here:  distant-voicesandflickering-shadows

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whistlingypsy said...

Monty, thanks for highlighting my post on "Local Hero", a film I was glad to have an excuse to watch after too many years. I hope you will consider writing about "Rome Adventure"; I'm curious to know what you'll have to say about the film (just a bit of encouragement!).


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