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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Another weird dream....this time fueled by hospital meds

OK, so I just had a procedure to help widen my throat. And of course I had to be sedated while this was being performed. Before he put me under the nurse said "see ya in about 20 minutes...these are some really good drugs!" That was the last thing I remembered, as I woke up back in the recovery room with Stephanie and another nurse standing over me. And the nurse knew me from working at Club Car years ago. I didn't at first because I was still groggy. 

Once I got home, I promptly fell asleep and that's when the latest weird dream occurred. I had just seen Prometheus over the weekend and loved it. It is the prequel to Ridley Scott's 1979 epic Alien. So I had that on my brain I guess. My dream starts with me waking up aboard a spaceship which I don't recognize at first. It isn't till I meet some of the other people onboard until I realize I am aboard Prometheus. There's Michael Fassbender as the android David; Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth; and Idris Elba as Captain Janek. But for some strange reason, no Charlize Theron. 
Noomi and Michael..looking for me I think

So they were discussing plans about setting foot on the alien planet and that's when I tell Noomi...that's not a good idea. She asks why and I tell her it won't turn out good for any of them. She asks how do I know, and I said because I have seen this happen before. Noomi says according to my personnel record this is my first space mission so that I was lying. I didn't want to tell her the real reason as I had seen this movie play out before and that they were all characters in a film and not real. Heavy stuff right?
Idris Elba doesn't believe a word I'm saying

Michael Fassbender as the android David was positively intrigued by all this while Idris was looking at me all crazy. So they all try to head for the doors and I block them screaming they all would die if they walk out that door. I had to be subdued and I kept asking where is Charlize? Noomi was like who...and I said Charlize again..I mean Ms. Vickers, she is in charge of this operation. Noomi responds no one by that name is here.
There she is..Charlize...missing from my dream

I start ranting..we need to find Charlize..she will back me up. I kept trying to reason with Noomi by saying if she goes down to the planet, she will die..they all will die. I finally had no choice but to tell them that this was a movie and they were all actors playing fictional roles. But for some reason the situation was real and deadly. Yeah I probably shouldn't have said that last part because before I knew it, I was tied to a gurney and given some drugs to put me to sleep. Fade to black and then I wake up. 

So I dreamed about a sci-fi movie about aliens with no aliens. Just actors portraying the characters in the movie. It was funny because I kept calling them by their real names instead of their character names and they had no clue who I was referring to. They just thought I was loony. But I chalk this up as some really good drugs I had to take for my throat procedure. 

Monty out....

That's a wrap folks!


Dawn said...

Mygosh! Monty, You are soooo lucky. I have not had a dream in many years..

Irene Palfy said...

my oh my.. Would love to dream of Michael Fassbender and Idris Elba.. (But for sure would miss Charlize Theron, too..) ;")

Patti said...

Dreams are the oddest things, aren't they? The scenarios our subconscious minds come up with are mind-boggling sometimes.

I hope you are feeling 100% better. Your wonderful presence has been sorely missed here!

Kristen said...

Who doesn't want to have a dream about Michael Fassbender! Although that's probably the most cinematic dream I've ever heard of. I've been under surgical meds as well so I know how weird they can be (although when I was under my dream was a bizarre Salvador Dali nightmare).


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