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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Lombard Cup Week 2 Matches Update..things are getting closer

Things are tightening up in a few of the matches taking place in the 2013 Lombard Cup. Team Carole still leads in four of the five matches but Team Veronica has closed the gap in several of the matches.

Gene Tierney of Team Veronica has gained some votes and now trails Team Carole's Eleanor Parker by only 2 votes with the score of 17-15.

Jane Russell of Team Veronica has made a move in her match against Team Carole's Romy Schneider with the score now at 18-13 in favor of Romy.

Maureen O'Hara and Doris Day are engaged in a great match with O'Hara currently leading Day 17-13.

The two other matches are now looking like blow-outs. Judy Garland is beating Margaret O'Brien 25-6 and Irene Dunne is surprisingly beating Katharine Hepburn by a wide margin of 24-8. I expected that one to be much closer.

Voting continues through Friday evening so spread the word to vote on your favorites.

TEAM CAROLE                                             TEAM VERONICA
JUDY GARLAND        25                               MARGARET O'BRIEN    6
DORIS DAY                 13                               MAUREEN O'HARA        17
ELEANOR PARKER  17                               GENE TIERNEY               15
ROMY SCHNEIDER  18                               JANE RUSSELL               13
IRENE DUNNE           24                              KATHARINE HEPBURN   8

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