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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week 2 of Lombard Cup Matches final results

Week 2 matches in the 2014 Lombard Cup has come to a close and Team Carole widens the gap over Team Veronica as it picks up 4 more wins and now leads 8-2. Here are the final numbers for week 2 matches:

ERROL FLYNN (Team Carole) defeats RICHARD BURTON (Team Veronica) 9-5
SIDNEY POITIER (Team Carole) defeats WARREN BEATTY (Team Veronica 11-3)
BURT LANCASTER (Team Carole) defeats CLIFF ROBERTSON (Team Veronica 10-3)
WILLIAM POWELL (Team Carole) defeats DAVID NIVEN (Team Veronica 10-4)
CARY GRANT (Team Veronica) defeats JIMMY STEWART (Team Carole 12-3)

Kristen will have the next five matches up and going tomorrow and I will post a link here.
Thanks to everyone that voted!

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