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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week 3 Matches in Lombard Cup final results

Team Kristen made a move as her team won 3 of the five matches. Here are the final numbers:

Fredric March 12 (Team Veronica)to Melvyn Douglas

(Team Carole)10

Gene Kelly (Team Veronica) 19 to Tony Curtis (Team 

Carole) 8

Ronald Colman (Team Carole) 17 to Dana Andrews

(Team Veronica) 8

James Garner (Team Carole) 17 to Montgomery Clift 

(Team Veronica) 9

Fred MacMurray (Team Veronica)14 to Robert 

Montgomery (Team Carole) 11

The current score is Team Carole 10 and Team Veronica 

5. The final six matches will be up soon.

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