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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Classic Movie/TV Cars Race Polls

Hey everyone, got a new event going on my blog starting today. I compete in a NASCAR fantasy league, picking drivers who I think will do good each Sunday. It dawned on me that I could do something like that on here, focusing on classic movie and TV cars. Cars that are iconic and known through-out the world. And I decided to invite my friends who play in that league to choose their favorite car to compete in a race/poll. Eight of us will be competing so I broke it down into two polls. First one begins today, and the second begins next Sunday. The winner from each poll will then face off in the third and final match to declare a champion. And if it goes well this will be the start of a regular series as their are tons more cars we can choose from. So here is the line-up for the first match featuring 4 competitors: 

82 AMC DeLorean (Back to the Future) Captain: Josh
77 Pontiac Trans-Am (Smokey and the Bandit Captain: Joan
55 Lincoln Futura (Batmobile, 1960's) Captain: Jason
63 Volkswagen Model 117 Beetle (The Love Bug) Captain: Cassandra

This match will run through Friday afternoon..good luck to start those engines!!
And remember its one vote per person but you can vote from different devices, i.e. laptop, tablet, smartphone..


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