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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Happy 100th Birthday Olivia de Havilland: my review of GOVERNMENT GIRL (1943)

Government Girl (1943) is a vastly underrated and little known Olivia movie that is fun to watch.  Olivia plays Elizabeth "Smokey" Allard, a Washington secretary who knows the ins and outs of Washington DC as war is ongoing and weapons must be made. Also the housing shortage is in full affect as Smokey does her best to find her gal pal May (played by Anne Shirley) and her beau a hotel room for their honeymoon. In the meantime auto make ED Browne (played by Sonny Tufts) arrives in time to see what he can do to help production. Of course he doesn't know how to deal with the politics of Washington so Smokey lends a hand. This is B movie but it is still fun to watch. Some say Olivia over-reacts in her performance but I think it's fun. She is ably supported by Tufts, Shirley, Agnes Moorehead, Harry Davenport and Una O'Connor. I recommend this delightful little movie for those who have never seen it.   Oh best scene is where Smokey and May get drunk to try and get some information from an unsavory character. Olivia is hysterical!


Todd B. said...

Hey Monty, this sounds like a fun one..another Olivia de Havilland film I've never seen, and never heard of. If I can track it down, I'll check it out!

Phyl said...

After seeing a clip of this film I knew I had to watch it. Olivia's comedic timing is spot on. Thanks for joining the Blogathon!

Joe Thompson said...

That sounds like a blast. I hope it turns up on TCM. I always enjoy a movie with Una O'Connor.

Hamlette said...

This sounds quite amusing! Thanks for posting about it so I know to keep an eye out for it now.

Krystal Barnett said...

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