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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FOX puts Dollhouse on hold...Are they crazy or what?

Just a few weeks ago Dollhouse fans breathed a sigh of relief when FOX committed to 13 episodes of Dollhouse, Joss Whedon's enjoyable little action show with a twist of sci-fi starring fan favorite Eliza Dushku. Then it was announced Joss was bringing his girl Summer Glau, who starred in his classic but short lived series Firefly, for a guest starring arc. All was right in the universe. For once FOX was allowing a series despite low ratings to grow and give it a chance to catch on. Well, now they have put Dollhouse on hiatus and will come back on Dec 4th. They said because they didn't want to interrupt their coverage of baseball playoffs. Whatever. I just hope they don't drop this series and let it at least finish out the season. I have enjoyed Dollhouse ever since it premiered last season as a mid-season replacement show. Eliza Dushku is rocking as Echo, the lead character in this series. Now you bring in Summer Glau and I'm in heaven. So I'm begging to FOX, please don't make another mistake like you did when you canceled Firefly prematurely.

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