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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Facts and trivia about Anne Baxter

Born on May 7th, 1923 in Michigan City, Indiana

Died on December 12th, 1985 in New York City (brain aneurysm)

Stood 5 '4"

Was married three times: John Hodiak (1946-1953) one child; Randolph Galt (1960-1968) two children; David Klee (1977) his death

Granddaughter of Frank Lloyd Wright, architect

 Was initially cast in All About Eve (1950) because of her resemblance to Claudette Colbert. Miss Colbert was first signed for the role of Margo and the idea was to have Eve visually turn into Margo.

 Was good friends with legendary costume designer Edith Head. Head was godmother to one of Baxter's daughters.

Maintained her primary residence in Easton, Connecticut on a ten acre estate from the 1970's until her death.

 The daughter of Kenneth Stuart Baxter, a sales manager, and housewife Catherine, she later had three daughters. Katrina Hodiak is a composer, married and with children. Melissa Galt (born 1961) is an interior designer in the Atlanta, Georgia area, and Maginal Galt (born 1963) is reportedly a Catholic nun residing in Rome, Italy.

Was good friends with Maureen O'Hara 

Won her only Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in The Razor's Edge (1946)

Facts provided by IMBD

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Irene Palfy said...

Love the photos you picked for this post, Monty!

KimWilson said...

I had no idea she was Wright's granddaughter. You learn something new every day.

Nancy said...

Read Intermission- her biography- amazing!


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