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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've Seen That Person Before In Something Else...

Do you ever get that feeling while watching a movie or show and one of the performers look really familiar? But you can't place them and it's bugging the crap out of you. It's easier now thanks to the internet but sometimes you will recall it on your own. Well I was watching this horror flick yesterday on SyFy channel called Timber Falls and the young woman playing the wife had this face I knew I had seen in something else. She's not a major star but has one of those faces that seem very familiar. Well I'm watching the movie and it's not coming to me and it's irking me. But I get to the end of the movie and she is holding her baby, then it hits me, that's the girl from Spider-Man 2 on the train. And guess what, she's holding a baby in that scene, looking terrified. That triggered my memory once I saw her in this movie yesterday. Just a random thought that was kinda strange. Here is a pic of her by the way and her name is Brianna Brown.

She has been in a few other things including Knocked Up, Hollywood Homicide and several TV shows like Without A Trace, CSI: Miami, Shark, and Smallville.

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