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Friday, November 13, 2009

A Little Movie Trivia....

So while at work today I came across an old movie magazine called Empire's Greatest Action Films. It's about 5 years old and it was in one of my desk's drawers. So while on break I flipped through it and landed on the 4 page write up on Raiders of the Lost Ark, which is one of my all time favorite films. And what caught my attention was a section called little known trivia, so I started reading it. Of course everyone knows that Tom Selleck was the original choice to play Indy, but couldn't break free from his Magnum P.I. show. And that Harrison Ford was sick as a dog when they filmed that scene with the guy twirling his sword in the middle of the street, when Indy just shoots him. The one fact I didn't know was the scene where Indy and Marion are trapped in the snake pit and snakes are everywhere. Well during one take, Karen Allen (Marion) thought there was gonna be fake snakes thrown at her or near her, but Spielberg surprised her with the real deal. So she freaked out. He wanted to get a realistic reaction out of her and boy did he ever. So I thought that was pretty interesting. You don't know what part it is in the movie because she is screaming and jumping all over the place anyway and there are tons of snakes in this scene too. Just thought it was interesting and I never knew that before. In case some of my followers don't know I met the lovely Ms. Allen at Dragon Con Atlanta this year back in September. And she was super nice and was positively radiant. I was able to get a picture with her that day which is below.


KC said...

Wow--Karen Allen looks great! So radiant. Interesting post!

monty said...

Thanks for the comments KC. And the picture really doesn't do Karen Allen justice. She was gorgeous in person. And one of the nicest people I ever met.


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