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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Vampire Lovers (1971)

Was reading the blog Carfax Abbey, written by my new blog buddy Matthew, which is a very cool blog. Basically dedicated to horror cinema, he had written a nice piece about Hammer Films and the women who starred in them. You know Hammer Films who had a successful run of horror flicks from the late 50's to the early 70's. Well I had recently just watched one of them called The Vampire Lovers, and it is a guilty pleasure that still holds up to this day. I mean you can't go wrong with a film whose opening scene has a gentlemen beheading this sultry vamp (the super hot Kirsten Betts or Lindholm as she was also called) that will make you yell oh damn! This opening sequence is hypnotic and haunting and sets the mood of the film perfectly. Flash forward a few years in 19th century Styria, the film picks up with the seductive female vampire Marciella also known as Carmilla(played with undeniable appeal by Ingrid Pitt)who travels the countryside feeding on the lovely daughters of rich nobles. Carmilla goes after several women at the beginning with little regard for who it is until she meets Emma (played by Madeline Smith)who she immediately is attracted to. And to Emma's governess as well. Yeah Carmilla liked playing the field. You're probably wondering is there anyone in the film that can fight Carmilla and save Emma and the other young women. Why yes there it is, the always reliable Peter Cushing is on hand as General von Spielsdorf, even though Cushing is not his usual vampire hunting self. He actually shares the duties with a few others. Still having him on hand is never a bad thing, especially in a Hammer film. But let's be honest, the main appeal of this movie is the women, who are all beautiful and sexy. Pitt is very good as Carmilla, as she seems a tad conflicted about what she is doing to all the young girls, but she still ends up killing them anyway. Kate O'Mara as the Governess is good too as she falls hard for Carmilla and pays the price for it later on. Madeline Smith is refreshing as Emma, as she remains in the film the longest out of all the potential victims. Her friend Laura (played by Pippa Steele) not so much. The Vampire Lovers is one of the last of the Hammer films and it is entertaining enough. Not quite as good as their earlier entries, but still worthwhile.


Matthew Coniam said...

Yes, this is a pretty good one. I like the scenes where Madeline hallucinates she's being attacked by a cat...
Thanks for the nice words about Carfax!

monty said...

Yeah that was kinda freaky with the cat. No prob about the mention of your blog. I was reading some of your blogs for a couple of hours last night. Good stuff.


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