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Sunday, November 1, 2009

TCM - Back In Form

OK, was I the only that thought TCM dropped the ball this past month. October should have been rich with horror and thriller movies. At least the week of Halloween, during prime time TCM should have scheduled more films fitting the occasion. They waited until Friday and Saturday to show them. And there choices were not that great. Where were the classics like The Innocents, The Uninvited, Horror of Dracula, I Walked With A Zombie, and others. I was extremely disappointed this Halloween season for TCM. But before I could write them off, I glanced at the November schedule. First of all Grace Kelly is the star of the month, so that right there makes up for them dropping the ball last month. But I clicked on Monday, Nov 2 schedule and it's one of the best days I have seen listed for movie watching. At 10am is the classic musical Born to Dance with tap dancing extraordinaire Eleanor Powell and a young Jimmy Stewart. That's followed by Arsenic and Old Lace. And then the main event begins at 8pm with 4 solid films: Vertigo, North By Northwest, Anatomy of a Murder, and Bunny Lake is Missing. You couldn't ask for a better day of movie watching than that. So if you have to work, I suggest setting your DVR to record TCM for most of the day.

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