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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Doughgirls with Ann tonight....very disappointed

A month or so ago I had recorded The Doughgirls on my VCR. And kept putting off to watch it until tonight. Well I went to watch it and I must have accidentally erased or recorded over it because it's not there. Very disappointed and then found that the movie isn't available on DVD. Was looking forward to watch this wartime comedy with Ann Sheridan, Jane Wyman, Eve Arden and Jack Carson. So now I will watch 42nd Street as originally planned from Monday night. It's just that I own only one other Ann Sheridan movie, Dodge City and this would have been a nice viewing experience since I am spotlighting Ann as my Classic Movie Goddess this month. And plus I've never seen The Doughgirls. Color me very disappointed.


Kate Gabrielle said...

Hey, I have it on dvd. I can send you a copy if you want! :)

monty said...

Yes...that would be awesome. You're a lifesaver Kate.


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