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Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Poll - What are your favorite Ginger films without Fred?

Here is my newest poll pertaining to Ginger Rogers. What are your favorite Ginger films, sans Fred Astaire. Ginger did so many wonderful films during her partnership with Fred and afterwards as well. So to make it fair I made the choice multiple answers, because there were so many choices to choose from. Here are the films that you can choose from: 42nd Street (1933); Stage Door (1937); Vivacious Lady (1938); Bachelor Mother (1939); Kitty Foyle (1940); Primrose Path (1940); The Major and the Minor (1942); Tender Comrade (1943); Week-end at the Waldorf (1945); Monkey Business (1952). The poll will be up until the end of the month.


Renata said...

My favorite is I'LL BE SEEING YOU :)

monty said...

Good call Renata...sorry for missing it on the poll. I will make up to you and that film when I list the essential films of Ginger to watch.


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