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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Top Classic Stars for week of Jan 6th-12th

There some movers and shakers this past week on my top classic stars rankings. My classic goddess for the month Lucille Ball made the biggest move as she jumped from 9 to the top spot thanks to her most viewed post for the week at 63 hits. At the other end of the spectrum, last week's top star Natalie Wood fell all the way to spot number 10, due to lack of posting here on my blog. I did manage to post some pics of her on my Tumblr and FB page though. Liz Taylor moved up five spots thanks to 51 hits on her Unlucky Loves post. Cary Grant stayed in third place for the second week in a row. Newcomers to the list included Grace Kelly, a regular here on my blog, lands at number 5. Doris Day jumps in at number 6. Her frequent co-star Rock Hudson also made his debut here at number 8. And 60's British actress Shirley Anne Field (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Alfie) makes her first appearance on the list at number 9 due to frequent postings on my tumblr page.

Shirley Anne Field makes her debut on my top classic stars for the week chart
accompanied by Steve McQueen and Robert Wagner (on the set of The War Lover)

RANK                    RANK                    CLASSIC STAR  (Weeks ranked)                   
(This week)        (last week)
1                              9                              LUCILLE BALL (2)                               
2                              7                              ELIZABETH TAYLOR (2)                          
3                              3                              CARY GRANT (2)                                
4                              8                              RITA HAYWORTH (2)                         
5                              -                              GRACE KELLY (1)                                 
6                              -                              DORIS DAY (1)                                    
7                              2                              CAROLE LOMBARD (2)                     
8                              -                              ROCK HUDSON  (1)                            
9                              -                              SHIRLEY ANNE FIELD (1)                
10                           1                              NATALIE WOOD (2)            

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