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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

If It's Tuesday, Then It Must Be Grace Kelly

Been awhile since I did a post on Grace Kelly for my Tuesday series, so here we go. And it's kind of a cross between this and another of my recurring series, By The Numbers. I just wanted to shed some light on how much love I have for Grace. With some numbers and stats.

Posts written about Grace: 73 - making her second only to Carole Lombard's 75 posts as the most
written about actress. All are not specifically posts about Grace but she does get mentioned in every single one of them. Oh make that 74 now, counting this one.

Grace is my 8th favorite actress of all time.

Number of matches Grace has won in match play: 13 (2nd most is Natalie Wood with 10)

Number of tourneys Grace has won: 1 (Favorite Leading Lady in a Hitchcock Film)

Most views of a Grace Kelly post: 685 (this one here:  classic-movie-actress-tournament-1950s

So there you have it..some numbers and facts about Grace. And don't expect me to slow down anytime soon with my coverage of her.

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