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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Be My Guest - Tina Cosio

My guest for this month is my Tina Cosio, a friend I met on FB through the love of classic movies and film groups on Facebook. Let's get started and there is no number one question for Tina as she does not currently write a blog.

2.)  Who are your favorite classic film stars: 

Tina: Gary Cooper, Joseph Cotten, Gregory Peck, Paul Newman, Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Deborah Kerr, Marilyn Monroe, Jennifer Jones, Bette Davis, Ingrid Bergman, Natalie Wood

Me: We share some of the same favorites in Newman, Kerr, Monroe, Gable, Davis and Wood.

3)What are some of your favorite films?

Tina:  Gone With The Wind, Dr. Zhivago, To Kill A Mockingbird, Rear Window, Casablanca, Now, Voyager, Song of Bernadette, The Searchers, Mrs. Miniver, Jezebel, Some Like It Hot, The Sundowners, Roman Holiday, Portrait of Jennie, Little Women

Me: Some big time classics there Rear Window, The Searchers, Some Like It Hot, To Kill a Mockingbird and Mrs. Miniver.

4) My first classic movie experience was when I was a child. Every Sunday, my mom would take my brother and I to the movies. We would see classic Mexican movies with stars like Maria Felix, Pedro Infante, Sylvia Pinal, Libertad LaMarque

Me: Awesome Tina!

5)What films upon first viewing did you not like, then later on when re-watching them, loved them? 

Tina: Casablanca, Roman Holiday

Me: I liked Casablanca the first time I saw it. Holiday not so much.

6) What's the perfect way to watch a classic film?

 Tina: The perfect way for me to watch a classic film is on TV with a bowl of popcorn.

Me: I second that

7)  How many friends, family member or co-workers share your love of classic films?

Tina: Michael, my son, likes classic movies especially Italian classics. 

Me: cool

8) Tina: My favorite time period is the 40's. 

Me: My favorite era is the 30's..but I love the 40's too.

9) Tina: My fav film quotes: The stuff that dreams are made of, Fasten your seatbelts it's gonna be a bumpy ride (All About Eve) Oh, Jerry, don;t let's ask for the moon. We have the stars.(Now, Voyager) You're not to smart are you? I like that in a man (Bodyheat) 

Me: Some great film quotes you picked there

10)What classic films have you yet to see for one reason or another?

 Not sure about this one Monty

11) Tina: Favorite genre: Musicals, Romance

Me: and romance..what a combination

12) If you threw a movie theme party, describe how you would do it. The costumes, decorations, food, etc.

Tina: If I were to throw a movie theme party I would have to pick The Great Gatsby. I would have the invitations hand delivered. My guests would be picked up in 1920's vintage cars. The party would be in Napa, CA. In a white outdoor tent with chandeliers. We would start with a reception with live entertainment before a sit down dinner. The waiters would be dressed in 1920's style clothing. The waitresses would be dressed as flappers. The menu would consist of comfort food. Nothing over the top just delicious. Followed by dessert. And lots of champagne of course!

Me: Count me in...

13) What are some films that are widely loved that you couldn't care less about?

Tina: Try as I might I do not care for silent films. Not any movie in particular all of them. 

Me: I've only seen a handful of silents but I would like to see some more.

14)  Who’s the biggest film fanatic that you know? Besides yourself of course.

Tina: cannot for the life of me think of one person who is a film fanatic. All my friends love movies!

Me: cool!

15) And finally who are some of your favorite film characters?

Tina: Scarlett O'Hara, Stella Dallas, Holly Golightly, Atticus Finch,

 Me: Can't go wrong with any of those characters.

Well that wraps up another guest for this month. I like to thank Tina for accepting my invite to come aboard and I think she did an awesome job.


Patti said...

First of all, Monty, as I've said before, I love that you do this "Be My Guest" series. It's always great getting to know other classic film lovers.

And, Tina, you and I have much in common. Casablanca and Now, Voyager are 2 of my top 3 films, and upon my first viewing of Casablanca (in my late teens), I couldn't stand it. I also count To Kill a Mockingbird, Gone with the Wind, and Roman Holiday among my favorite movies.

I also love the "don't let's ask for the moon" quote. I count that among my favorite film quotes. That entire scene is gorgeous...beautiful music score... the romantic lighting of 2 cigarettes...lovely, confident Charlotte...and then that beautiful line. Ah...I love it!

Atticus Finch...ah, what a man. Oh, that there were more men like him in our world. And as for Scarlett O'Hara...yes, she is rather a selfish, unlikeable woman, but she also exhibits some very desirable character traits, like dedication to a cause, a willingness to work hard, and perseverance. Vivien Leigh brought her beautifully to life!

I'm not into silent films either. Only tried one 1 time (Wings), and I gave up after 25 minutes...before my beloved Gary Cooper ever appeared on the screen.

Count me in for your 1920's party. Sounds awesome!!

Do you see yourself starting a blog, Tina? If so, I would definitely be a visitor.

Thanks for sharing about your movie loves!!

FlickChick said...

Wonderful interview, Tina. Monty - I can attest that Tina knows her films, has exquisite taste and, just to add the cherry on the cake, is a swell gal.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview!

silverscreenings said...

Good choices here!

So if Tina does throw a Great-Gastsby-themed party, I expect an invitation.


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