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Friday, January 4, 2013

By The Numbers...My Top Ten Posts of 2012

Taking a page from my good blogger friend Kristen, here are my top ten posts of 2012. The ones that had the most views (hits) by online viewers from around the world. Let's get started with number 10 shall we....

10.) 31 Stars in 31 Days: Marilyn Monroe - 412 HITS
My annual 31 Stars in 31 Days salute in August is based on TCM's Summer Under The Stars. Each day in August I choose a particular star and talk about my fave movies of theirs with a singular review or several reviews. Marilyn Monroe's day yielded the most hits of any star that month. I bought the recent blu-ray set and dished about The Seven Year Itch and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  31-stars-in-31-days-day-5-marilyn-monroe

9.) At The Beach: Anne Francis - 470 HITS
My summer photo series At The Beach/Summer Lovin' yielded the 9th most viewed post of 2012 with the lovely and sexy Anne Francis. Check Anne out more time. summer-lovin-anne-francis

8.) 2012 Cinematic World Tour Blogathon - 500 HITS
My first Blogathon was a pretty good endeavor if I must say so myself. I had several friends and bloggers make worthy contributions to this event using films as travel spots and vacation settings. This is the post that described the blogathon. It yielded a ton of comments too as people were clearly interested in this event. all-good-things-presents-cinematic world tour blogathon

7.) My Childhood Crushes: Jenny Agutter - 516 HITS
I started this new series back in May and this is the first of two posts that made the top ten list of most viewed posts in 2012. Jenny Agutter lands here at number 7 as she was one of my first major crushes while growing up thanks to An American Werewolf in London and Logan's Run. my-childhood-crushes-jenny-agutter

6.) My Childhood Crushes: Catherine Mary Stewart - 584 HITS
The second of my childhood crushes, Catherine Mary Stewart was just ahead of Jenny and grabs the number six spot. I can't tell ya how many times I saw The Last Starfighter and Night of The Comet while as a teen just to look at the beautiful Catherine. my-childhood-crushes-catherine-mary stewart

5.) BRAVE - 614 HITS
My review of Pixar's summer offering Brave was a hugely viewed post. I loved this movie and I'm glad it got some love from my readers. Thanks guys! brave-2012-is-pure-cinema-magic.

4.) My Top 50 Favorite Classic Movie Actresses List - 662 HITS
I had to revise my top 50 Favorite Classic Actresses for the year and evidently a lot of people were curious how my new rankings would shake out. This is the top 25 portion of that list. my-favorite-top-50-classic-film actresses

3.) Things To Know About Lauren Bacall - 696 HITS
My classic movie goddess for January was Lauren Bacall and she was one of my most successful goddesses since I started this series back in 2009. I love Lauren as she is one of my all time faves. things-to-know-about-lauren-bacall

2.) The Morning Movie: The Night Of The Iguana - 924 HITS 
Sometimes before leaving for work in the mornings I can catch a movie on TCM or some other movie channel. I started a series called the Morning Movie for just this purpose. Kind of a mini-review to let everyone know what I'm watching and what I think of it. Well The Night of The Iguana had over 900 hits to rank as my second most viewed post of 2012. morning-movie-night-of-iguana-1964

1.) 2012 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tourney - 1290 HITS
My 2nd annual favorite classic movie actress tourney was a tremendous success. And this specific post detailing the matches involving the 60's leading ladies proved to be the cat's meow. With a whopping 1290 hits logged, it was my top post in 2012.  2012-favorite-classic-movie-actress

Well that concludes my trip back through 2012 to see what were the top viewed posts and I have to say it was a pretty good year. I may have dropped off from writing as many posts as I did in 2011 but I don't think my quality slipped. At least I hope it didn't. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to check out All Good Things and here's to an even better 2013.

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